The AR15 Scraper

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takes out the #1 enemy of ar15s

A faster, easier way to clean the bolt carrier group.
The AR 15 Scraper removes heavy, baked-on fouling from 12 critical bolt carrier group surfaces faster and easier than brushes and solvent alone. It speed-cleans all 4 major parts of the bolt carrier group: the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier and bolt cam pin. The swivel protects your hand from the double-ended scraping edges. It’s ideal for any workbench, cleaning kit or range bag.

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Product Description

The AR15 Scraper is designed to speed clean the bolt carrier group of the AR15. It’s precision made from unhardened stainless steel and weighs just ounces.


AR15 Scraper speed-cleans 12 critical surfaces
» Inside boat tail
» Bolt tail shoulder
» Bolt waist
» Behind cartridge extractor
» Small diameter of firing pin
» Large diameter of firing pin
» Bolt face
» Bolt tail
» Bolt lugs
» Bolt cam pin
» 2 surfaces inside bolt carrier
» 1/4" bit driver