AR15 Field Guide

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step-by-step instructions to keep you running strong

Disassembling, scraping, cleaning and lubricating information at a glance. Now AR15 know-how fits into one pocket. The AR15 Field Guide helps shooters maintain critical moving parts that affect AR15 reliability and performance. On the bench or in the field, our AR15 Field Guide gives shooters the right information fast.

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Product Description

The AR15 Field Guide is a lightweight, pocket-sized, go-anywhere reference guide for maintaining an AR15. Color-coded, illustrated instructions provide step-by-step instructions for disassembling, scraping, cleaning and lubricating an AR15. Pages are coated to resist solvents and oils. Using only these maintenance instructions, an AR15 can remain in service for the life of the firearm.


» Step-by-step disassembly instructions
» Scraping build-up from 12 bolt carrier group surfaces
» Simple cleaning instructions
» Heavy, light, minimal lubrication points