Smart Bench Block

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Made from engineering-grade resin, this block won't mar or damage your favorite guns and the outside rubber liner keeps the block from sliding on any surface when driving pins. And inside the block is a magnet that grabs dropped pins. So intelligently designed, you'll feel smarter just using it.

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Product Description

  • Easily Remove Pins From A Variety Of Guns: universal pin hole sizes accommodate most pin removals
  • Easily Keep Track Of Pins: the embedded magnet grabs and securely holds dropped pins
  • A Steady And Stable Work Surface: the non-slip outer ring steadies the block during use and the inner groove keeps barrels stable during detailed work
  • Keep Your Guns Beautiful: the engineering-grade resin won’t mar or damage your favorite guns
  • Remove Government 1911 Bushings: an embedded 1911 Government Bushing Wrench is included on the backside of the block
  • Specs

  • Embedded Magnet
  • Universal Hole Sizes
  • Non-slip Outer Ring
  • Central Barrel Grove
  • 1911 Government Model Bushing Wrench
  • Engineering Grade Resin