Gun Boss Pro - AR15 Cleaning Kit

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From scraping fouling off of your bolt to deep cleaning your bore and star chamber, this AR15 cleaning kit will keep your firearm operating at peak performance. The virtually indestructible polycarbonate case, with a patent pending kickstand design, flips open to put every tool you need at your fingertips. Tools are clearly labeled and snap securely into place keeping things organized. The brass rods have 8-32 threads and screw together to form a strong and stable 29-inch gun cleaning rod. The rods connect to a rotating receiver in the handle. The rotation of the rods prevents them from coming unscrewed when cleaning the bore. Rods and each implement can also be attached to the fixed position connection point on the handle. This sturdy connection point enables you to use a, pencil-like, detailing grip when brushing, picking, and scraping. When not in use the compact 8 ¼” x 4 ½” x 1 ¼” footprint doesn’t take up much space. Throw it in your range bag or hang it at your work bench, either way, this is one kit that your friends won’t be able to resist asking you about. It’s the face of Modern Gun Maintenance. It’s tough. It’s organized. It’s thorough. It’s just like you.

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Product Description

  • 18 Piece Modern Gun Maintenance System for AR15s in a High Performance Gun Cleaning Case
  • Multi-Function Handle has a Tap Hammer for punching Pins, a Rotating Threaded Receiver for Cleaning Rifled Bores, and a Fixed Position Threaded Receiver for Detailing Work
  • 4 High Quality Brass Cleaning Rods attach to the Handle to Form a Strong 29 Inch Gun Cleaning Rod
  • The Polycarbonate Gun Tool Case is Impact Resistant and is Designed to Organize, Display, and Keep Tools at Your Fingertips
  • Gun Cleaning Supplies: .223/5.56 Star Chamber and Bore Brush, Nylon Slotted Tip, Bolt Carrier Brush, Cleaning Pick, Brass Lug Scraper, 3-in-1 Safety Flag, 6 Star Chamber Cleaning Pads, and 50 Patches
  • Specs

  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 8-32 Threading
  • Rotating Gun Cleaning Rod Connection Point
  • Fixed Position Cleaning Tool Connection Point
  • Tap Hammer Surface
  • Tool Case
  • 4 Piece 29" Brass Gun Cleaning Rod
  • Star Chamber Brush
  • .223/5.56 Bore Brush
  • Nylon Slotted Tip
  • Bolt Carrier Brush
  • Hooked Steel Cleaning Pick <90 Degree Angled Brass Scraper
  • 3-in-1 Bore Illuminator/Pin Punch/Safety Flag
  • 6 Wool Star Chamber Cleaning Pads
  • 50 Cleaning Patches