Gun Tool Pro-AR15

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when duty calls – this is the answer

When it comes to mission-specific tools the new Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is packed with functionality. Thirty-five highly-capable tools in a tactical, rugged frame work with ease and precision to keep black guns firing reliably and accurately.

From tear-down and scraping carbon, to maintenance and reassembly, the Gun Tool Pro-AR15 is the partner to have in the field, at the range or workbench.

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Product Description

Be ready for anything with the ultra capable, multi-talented Gun Tool Pro-AR15. Mount optics, lights, rails, slings, grips and more. Keep your gun cycling reliably by scraping baked-on carbon from every surface of the bolt carrier group. Override a jammed bolt. Disassemble, reassemble. Adjust 4 or 5 pin front sites. Make repairs in the field or at the range. Kick butt, take names.


» Carrier scraper
» 9 function bolt/firing pin/cam pin scraper
» Cotter pin puller
» Bolt override tool
» A1 & A2 front site adjuster
» Pin punch » 8-32 female threaded post
» 2.5'' raptor claw point knife blade
» 1/4'' bit driver
» 1/4'' bit wrench for extra torque
» 11 firearm-specific Torx®, Allen®, Phillips® and flat driver bits
» Tap hammer
» Metal file
» Removable, magnetic storage compartment
» Lanyard loop
» Durable black oxide coating
» MOLLE compatible ballistic nylon sheath