Joe Sir

Pro-Staff - Hallowed Ground Outdoors.

Joe is the driving creative force behind Hallowed Ground Outdoors. It was his cinematic vision that collided with his passion for the Gospel that brought HGO to where it is today. Aside from his faith, Joe’s dedication to the outdoors is only surpassed by his dedication to be the best husband and father that he can be. Whether it’s in the woods, behind the camera, or in the editing room, Joe has a laser-driven focus and a machine like work ethic that sets him apart and continues pushing HGO to the next level.

The Core of
Hardcore Hunters

Our Pro Staff are industry professionals that rely on Real Avid tools and gear as their constant companion to maintain their firearms, dress their game and improve their overall hunting and shooting experience. They take our products with them all throughout the globe and put them through the paces like only professionals can.


Hallowed Ground Outdoors is the story about the roots of who we are as hunters. It's the story about what drives us as outdoorsmen and where that passion takes us. When we step into the outdoors, we have the privilege of standing in the presence of God through the power and majesty of His creation. That makes hunting more than a sport or a hobby. It's a calling to something greater. And that transforms the places that we stand into something more than a cropfield or a pasture or a mountain. It makes that place Hallowed Ground.