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Carbon Boss™ – AR15


Carbon Boss™ – AR15



This is the most comprehensive carbon removal multi-tool ever built. Extremely versatile, it has 12 precision surfaces to clean the most critical parts of your bolt, bolt carrier, cam pin, and firing pin. It also includes a cotter pin puller, a replaceable rotating phosphor bronze brush, and an imbedded bolt tail detailing brush. It’s the enemy of your AR15’s worst enemy.

Product overview

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Two brushes remove even the smallest carbon deposits

An imbedded 360° bronze phosphor brush at the center of the tool is used to clean the most stubborn carbon off from the bolt tail. A rotating brush with both bronze phosphor and nylon easily scrapes and brushes the bolt to a clean, detailed finish.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - Two brushes remove even the smallest carbon deposits

Retaining pin removal makes breakdown easy

A specially cut retaining pin punch quickly and easily removes the AR10 retaining pin for bolt carrier group disassembly.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - Retaining pin removal makes breakdown easy

11 machined profiles

Precision cut faces on the carbon scraper quickly clean all external and internal surfaces on the bolt, bolt carrier, firing pin (large and small), and cam pin. Each surface is precision milled to out-clean anything else on the market.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - 11 machined profiles

Clean the bolt

A rotating peg fits inside of the bolt tail and fits an edge to scrape the shoulder and outside of the bolt tail in one twisting motion. Then proceed to scrape between the lugs, bolt face and behind the cartridge extractor.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - Clean the bolt

Clean the bolt carrier

A rotating bolt carrier scraper fits inside the bolt carrier and with one quick twist leaves two interior surfaces carbon free and hang-up free.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - Clean the bolt carrier

Clean the firing pin

Easily cleans both the large and small section of the firing pin with two precision scraping surfaces. It also cleans the firing pin face where some of the most stubborn carbon can be found.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - Clean the firing pin

Clean the cam pin

The precision tolerances of the milled surface allow for easy and thorough scraping of your AR15’s cam pin.

Carbon Boss – AR15 - Clean the cam pin

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