Master Gun Vise®

Master Gun Vise®


Revolutionize Your Gun DIY® Experience

The Real Avid Master Gun Vise, the revolutionary bench-mount vise designed exclusively for working on guns and accommodating gun tools. Engineered with precision and unparalleled versatility, this Master Grade® vise enhances every aspect of your Gun DIY projects. With its articulating 360-degree capability and 8-position locking ball and socket mechanism, it allows optimal firearm positioning and high-torque applications of up to 100 ft-lb. Compatible with the Smart-Jaws™ family and equipped with Gun-Fit™ jaw sleeves, it ensures a firm grip on various surfaces and shapes. The integrated leveling knob enables micro-adjustment for scope mounting, while compatibility with other Real Avid tools expands its functionality. With rock-solid torque support, task-specific grip capability and reversible Gun-Fit jaw sleeves, this vise guarantees durability, efficiency and convenience. Upgrade your Gun DIY experience with the Master Gun Vise, the ultimate foundation for building, customizing, repairing, optics mounting and cleaning firearms.

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Revolutionize your gun DIY® Experience

  • The Master Gun Vise®, the revolutionary bench-mount vise designed exclusively for working on guns and accommodating gun tools. This precision-engineered vise is the ultimate foundation for Gun DIY® enthusiasts, providing unrivaled functionality and efficiency for all your gun building, repairing, cleaning and mounting needs.

    With its groundbreaking articulating 360-degree capability, the Master Gun Vise allows for optimal positioning of firearms, ensuring faster and easier workflow in your Gun DIY projects. No more struggling to find the right angle or compromising on accessibility. This vise adapts to your project needs, enhancing your productivity and precision.

    The 8-position locking ball and socket mechanism of the Master Gun Vise can handle high-torque applications of up to 100 ft-lb, making it perfect for tasks that require significant force, such as barrel nuts. You can trust that this vise will provide the stability and control needed for even the most demanding gun DIY projects.

    With the included Gun-Fit™ Sleeves, the Master Gun Vise offers a secure grip on multiple surfaces and shapes. These sleeves ensure that your firearms are held firmly in place during your tasks, giving you the confidence to work with precision and peace of mind. Say goodbye to slipping or wobbling firearms and hello to a secure and controlled workspace.

    Scope mounting has never been easier than with the Master Gun Vise. Its integrated leveling knob allows for +/- 3º micro-adjustment, ensuring precise alignment and accuracy when mounting scopes. This feature guarantees that your scopes are perfectly positioned, optimizing your shooting experience and increasing your chances of hitting the mark.

    The compatibility of the Master Gun Vise with other innovative Real Avid products takes its functionality to the next level. By incorporating tools such as the Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block, Lug-Lok™ AR10 & AR15, and Smart-Assist™, you expand the capabilities of this vise and unlock new possibilities in your Gun DIY projects. Experience the convenience and versatility of a comprehensive Gun DIY system.

    Convenience and ease of use are at the forefront of the Master Gun Vise design. Its fast “no hassle” repositioning feature allows you to quickly adjust the gun’s position to match your workflow, saving you time and effort. The vise’s rock-solid Torq-Lok™ support ensures stability during high-torque applications, giving you full control over your tasks. The seamless integration of task-specific Gun-Fit™ grip capability and vise block compatibility further enhances your efficiency and convenience.

    The Master Gun Vise is equipped with reversible Gun-Fit jaw sleeves, adding even more versatility to your Gun DIY tasks. These sleeves enable you to position and reposition the gun quickly and securely, accommodating various shapes and sizes of firearms. Whether you’re working on rifle barrels, Picatinny rails, bolt carriers, or wood stocks, these reversible jaw sleeves provide the optimal grip and protection for your firearms.

    Built to last, the Master Gun Vise features reversible stainless steel Jaw Plates, Gun-Fit locking pins for Gun-Fit Sleeves and Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block, an Accu-Level™ micro-adjustment leveling cam, a Torq-Lok™ Ball & Socket lock pin, a quick adjust crank, an articulating ball & socket joint and a Speed-Cam™ ball & socket compression lever. These high-quality components ensure durability and reliability in every use, making the Master Gun Vise a long-term investment for your Gun DIY passion.

    Upgrade your Gun DIY experience with the Master Gun Vise, the ultimate foundation for Gun DIY. Designed with precision and engineered to perfection, this vise empowers you to build, repair, customize guns, mount optics, install accessories and clean your firearms with ease. Take your Gun DIY capabilities to new heights and achieve professional-grade results with the Master Gun Vise. Order yours today and unlock the full potential of your gun DIY projects.

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    Upgrade your Gun DIY® projects with the Real Avid® Master Gun Vise®, the ultimate foundation for gun enthusiasts, offering precision engineering and versatile functionality.

    • Master Gun Vise®: The first-ever true gun vise designed exclusively for firearms.
    • Multi-Axis Bench-Mount Vise with Torq-Lok™: Offers optimal positioning and high-torque capabilities.
    • 360º Articulation: Allows for faster and easier workflow by positioning firearms in any orientation.
    • 8-position locking ball and socket: Handles high-torque applications like barrel nuts.
    • Works with Smart-Jaws™ family, comes with Gun-Fit™ Sleeves: Provides a firm grip on multiple surfaces and shapes.
    • Leveling Knob: Offers micro-adjustment for scope mounting and precision optics leveling.
    • Compatible with multiple Real Avid products: Provides the functionality needed for specific gun tasks.
    • Reversible Gun-Fit jaw sleeves: Padded side for compression grip and grooved side for secure gun parts grip.
    • Securely anchor Lug-Lok™ Upper Vise Block with Gun-Fit™ Locking Pins. (Lug-Lok sold separately)
    • Vise jaws integrate seamlessly with the Smart-Fit® Vise Block. (Smart-Fit sold separately)
    • Perfect for AR15 and any gun tasks: Mount scopes, install accessories, clean guns and more.
    • Upgrade your gun building experience with the ultimate foundation for Gun DIY®.

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    Revolutionize Your Gun DIY® with the Real Avid® Master Gun Vise®

    The Real Avid Master Gun Vise - the first vise designed exclusively for working on guns and accommodating gun tools. This revolutionary bench-mount vise is the ultimate foundation for Gun DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're building and customizing, repairing, cleaning or mounting scopes and accessories, the Master Gun Vise is precision-engineered...

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    MULTI-AXIS BENCH-MOUNT VISE WITH TORQ-LOK™ Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns®, launches the new foundation for Gun DIY®. The first real bench vise made exclusively for guns and gun tools. Whether you’re building and customizing, repairing and cleaning, or mounting scopes and accessories, this vise improves every part of the GUN...

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