AR15 Tool™

AR15 Tool™



The AR15 Tool stands as a valuable solution for AR15 enthusiasts, blending utility with unparalleled quality. This comprehensive tool contains everything needed for maintenance, repair and customization of the AR15 platform. Its foundation is a robust stainless steel frame, adorned with durable G-10 grip plates, offering not just an impressive aesthetic but also unmatched functionality. This tool boasts an array of features specifically designed for the AR15, including a 440C serrated Tanto knife for versatile cutting tasks, spring-loaded pliers, a carbide glass breaker and a carbide cutter for tackling tough materials.

The bolt override tool, a critical component for addressing malfunctions, pairs with a 3-position locking bit driver, enhancing the tool’s versatility. The driver’s design allows it to lock at both 90° and 180°, providing ease of use in various situations. The inclusion of a removable pin punch and carbon pick, which can be replaced with threaded cleaning implements, underscores the tool’s adaptability.

A standout feature is the 10-function precision bolt scraper, designed to clean carbon from all critical bolt carrier group surfaces, ensuring smooth operation. This is complemented by a comprehensive set of bits and a MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath, making it a portable and essential accessory for any AR15 owner.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and Lead Compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Upgrade to Master Grade®

  • The AR15 Tool’s precision engineering and functionality for firearms maintenance offers a comprehensive solution tailored for the AR15 platform. Crafted with a robust stainless steel frame and equipped with iron-tough G-10 grip plates, this tool combines durability with a secure grip, ensuring it withstands the rigors of field or benchwork. Its design is well thought out, integrating tools specific to the AR15’s unique maintenance needs, making it an essential asset for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

    Among its standout features is the 440C serrated Tanto knife, which provides exceptional cutting capability for a wide range of materials, complemented by spring-loaded pliers for versatility in handling different tasks. The inclusion of a carbide cutter and a carbide glass breaker further expands its utility, enabling users to tackle a broad spectrum of situations with a single tool. This multifunctionality is central to the tool’s design philosophy, ensuring that users have the right tool at hand whenever they need it.

    The tool’s dedicated bolt override function addresses one of the most common challenges faced by AR15 owners, allowing for quick resolution of malfunctions without additional equipment. The 3-position locking bit driver, adjustable to 90° and 180°, enhances the tool’s adaptability, ensuring ease of use even in tight spaces. This feature, coupled with the inclusion of a detachable pin punch and carbon pick, underscores the tool’s versatility, enabling users to perform detailed cleaning and maintenance tasks efficiently.

    The precision bolt scraper is specifically designed to clean carbon from all critical surfaces of the bolt carrier group, promoting smooth operation and reliability of the firearm. This function is critical for maintaining the AR15’s performance and longevity. The tool is complemented by a set of 12 bits housed in a MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath, making it portable and ready for any situation. This comprehensive approach to design ensures that the AR15 Tool is not just a maintenance tool but a comprehensive solution for AR15 owners, combining functionality, durability and versatility in a single, portable package.

  • 37-IN-1 tactical multitool for firearms based on AR15 platform

    FRAME DESIGN: combination needle-nose pliers x-frame
    STORAGE / TRANSPORT: molle compatible ballistic nylon sheath
    MATERIAL: Stainless steel frame with textured G10 grip plates
    PLATFORM SPECIFIC TOOLS: 10 function BCG scraper; Cotter pin puller; Bolt override tool
    AIMING SOLUTION TOOLS: A1 (5-prong) & A2 (4-prong) front sight adjuster
    CUTTERS: 440c serrated tanto blade, carbide cutter
    DRIVER: 3-position locking bit driver: 90º & 180º
    BITS: 12 bits: 3/32″ Allen®, 7/64″ Allen®, 1/8″ Allen®, 9/64″ Allen®, 3/16″ Allen®, T10 Torx®, T15 Torx®, T20 Torx®, #1 Phillips®, 3/32″ Flat, 3/16″ Flat, 1/4″ Flat
    OTHER TOOLS: brushes, cables and implements, detachable pick, metal file, spring loaded pliers, tap hammer, 8-32 threaded receiver (fits standard gun cleaning rods, bore brushes and more), 3/32″ detachable pin punch

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

• Stainless steel frame ensures durability and long-term use
• G-10 grip plates provide a secure, non-slip handle
• 440C serrated Tanto knife for versatile cutting tasks
• Spring-loaded pliers for gripping and manipulating small parts
• Carbide cutter designed for cutting through tough materials
• Carbide glass breaker for emergency situations
• Bolt override tool facilitates quick clearance of jams
• 3-position locking bit driver adjusts to 90° and 180° for versatile use
• Detachable pin punch and carbon pick for detailed cleaning tasks
• 10-function precision bolt scraper effectively removes carbon build-up
• Bolt carrier scraper with file for thorough maintenance
• Includes 12 bits for various repair and maintenance needs
• MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath for easy transport and access
• A1 & A2 front sight adjuster for precise sight adjustments

a white circle with a black hexagon inside3/32" ALLEN®
a white circle with a black hexagon inside7/64" ALLEN®
a white circle with a black hexagon inside1/8" ALLEN®
a white circle with a black hexagon inside9/64" ALLEN®
a white circle with a black hexagon inside3/16" ALLEN®
a black and white star in a circleT10 TORX®
a black and white star in a circleT15 TORX®
a black and white star in a circleT20 TORX®
a black and white cross in a circle#1 PHILLIPS®
a white circle with the letter i in it3/16" FLAT
a white circle with the letter i in it3/32" FLAT
a white circle with the letter i in it1/4" FLAT
a black and white circle with an oval in the middle3/32" PIN PUNCH

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