Bore-Max® Speed Jags™ & Patches Multi-Cal Pack

Bore-Max® Speed Jags™ & Patches Multi-Cal Pack



The Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack heralds a new era in firearm maintenance, delivering up to 4x more bore contact for superior cleaning results. This comprehensive system includes ten specially designed jags for both handguns and rifles, covering an impressive range of calibers from .22 to .45 for handguns and .22/.223 to .30/7.62mm for rifles. Each jag is nickel-plated, ensuring longevity and resistance to chemical breakdown.

Paired perfectly with these jags are the Speed Jag Patches, engineered from micro-pore fibers to offer superior absorbency and a grit-grabbing surface texture. The patches are uniquely designed to conform to the jags, avoiding the issue of bunching and thus enabling deeper and faster cleaning of your bore. Together, this caliber-specific set brings efficiency to a new level, saving you both time and effort while ensuring your firearms are maintained in peak condition.

Use caution: Speed Jags and Speed Jag Patches are compatible exclusively with each other and should not be used with standard jags or patches to prevent damage or less effective cleaning.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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  • The Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack is an integrated system engineered for enhanced bore cleaning across a diverse array of calibers. Comprising ten nickel-plated jags suited for both handguns and rifles, the system addresses caliber ranges from .22 to .45 for handguns and .22/.223 to .30/7.62mm for rifles. Nickel-plating serves a functional purpose, offering increased resistance to the chemical interactions that commonly occur during the cleaning process. This material choice enhances the durability and longevity of the jags, ensuring consistent performance over time without the risk of chemical breakdown or degradation.

    Specifically, Speed Jags are designed to maximize physical contact with the bore surface. They achieve this through a combination of precise sizing and Bore-Fit™ technology, which allows for up to four times the contact surface compared to traditional cleaning jags. The increased surface contact significantly improves the cleaning process, allowing for the effective removal of fouling, copper and carbon deposits with fewer passes through the bore.

    In concert with the Speed Jags, the system incorporates specially designed Speed Jag Patches made of micro-pore fibers. These fibers offer high absorbency levels, providing effective solvent and lubricant application. Additionally, the micro-pore construction gives the patches a grit-grabbing surface texture, facilitating more efficient fouling removal. The patches are cut to precise dimensions to match the corresponding Speed Jags, ensuring optimal fit and preventing bunching or misalignment during the cleaning process.

    A critical factor in the system’s efficacy is the mutual compatibility between the Speed Jags and Speed Jag Patches. Each component is engineered to work in unison, providing caliber-specific fitment that enhances cleaning efficiency. The system’s design emphasizes the importance of using these components together, as using Speed Jags with traditional patches or vice versa could result in less effective cleaning and even potential damage to the bore surface.

    The Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack represents a significant advancement in firearm maintenance technology. By offering up to 4x greater bore contact and featuring material and design choices optimized for longevity and efficiency, this integrated system brings a new level of precision and effectiveness to the bore-cleaning process. Users are strongly advised to adhere to the compatibility guidelines, using Speed Jags and Speed Jag Patches together to realize the full benefits of this innovative system.

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

• Integrated system specifically designed for caliber-specific bore cleaning, including ten distinct jags, 4 for handguns and 6 for rifles.
• Nickel-plated jags ensure increased chemical resistance, contributing to longevity and consistent performance.
• Precision engineering of jags facilitates up to four times the bore contact area compared to conventional cleaning jags.
• Enhanced bore contact area allows efficient removal of fouling, copper and carbon deposits, reducing the number of required cleaning passes.
• Micro-pore fiber construction of patches provides high absorbency levels for effective solvent and lubricant application.
• Grit-grabbing surface texture of patches improves fouling removal during the cleaning process.
• Patches are dimensioned precisely to fit corresponding jags, ensuring optimal caliber-specific fitment and minimizing bunching.
• Mutual compatibility between jags and patches is crucial; designed to work in tandem for maximized cleaning efficiency.
• Use of incompatible components can result in suboptimal cleaning and may lead to bore damage.
• Strict adherence to compatibility guidelines is strongly recommended for optimal bore cleaning results.

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Elevating Bore Cleaning With Bore-Max® Speed Jags™ & Patches Multi-Cal Pack 

The Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack is a caliber-specific system designed to optimize bore contact during the cleaning process. The system includes a comprehensive set of 10 jags tailored for both handguns and rifles, spanning .22 to .45 calibers for handguns and .22/.223 cal to .30/7.62mm for rifles.

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