Front Sight Adjuster™ Pro

Front Sight Adjuster™ Pro


The Ultimate Tool for AR Front Sight Adjustment: The Front Sight Adjuster Pro

The Front Sight Adjuster Pro, a versatile tool designed for precise front sight adjustments. This innovative accessory fits both 5-pin and 4-pin front sights, offering compatibility with AR sights from leading brands like H&K, Troy and Magpul®. Its longer design ensures a better fit, while the removable tube accommodates A1 and A2 front sights. The compact case provides storage, protection and improved grip. Crafted from precision-machined tool steel, the Front Sight Adjuster Pro is built to last. Upgrade your front sight adjustment experience with this reliable and convenient tool.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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  • The Front Sight Adjuster Pro, a revolutionary tool designed to provide precise front sight adjustments for both 5-pin and 4-pin front sights. This innovative accessory takes front sight adjustment to the next level, offering enhanced functionality and compatibility for AR enthusiasts.

    The Front Sight Adjuster Pro features a longer design, which allows it to work seamlessly with a wide range of sights, including those from popular brands such as H&K, Troy and Magpul®. This compatibility ensures that you can effortlessly make adjustments without any compatibility issues, regardless of the front sight you’re using.

    One of the standout features of the Front Sight Adjuster Pro is its 4-pin and 5-pin design. With a removable tube that is double-sided, this tool offers unparalleled convenience. One side is specifically engineered to be compatible with A1 front sights, while the other side seamlessly works with A2 front sights. This means that you no longer need multiple tools to adjust different types of front sights on your AR rifle. The Front Sight Adjuster Pro is your one-stop solution, providing efficiency and ease of use like never before.

    The tool is accompanied by an innovative case design that ensures compact storage and improved grip surface. This case not only protects your tool but also provides a better grip, enabling you to have a firm hold while making adjustments. The built-in leverage feature amplifies the effectiveness of the tool, making your front sight adjustments a breeze.

    Crafted with precision from high-quality tool steel, the Front Sight Adjuster Pro offers exceptional strength and durability. Its extended length ensures a better fit, allowing for precise adjustments without compromising stability. The T-handle driver adds an ergonomic touch to the tool, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

    The Front Sight Adjuster Pro is coated with a sleek black oxide finish, adding not only a touch of sophistication to its design but also providing corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance. Additionally, this tool is lanyard-capable, allowing you to conveniently hang it from your pack or range bag, ensuring that it’s always within reach when you need it.

    The Front Sight Adjuster Pro is the ultimate tool for front sight adjustment. Its ability to fit both 5-pin and 4-pin front sights, combined with its longer design and innovative case, make it a must-have accessory for any AR enthusiast. Compatible with all major AR sight brands, including H&K, Troy and Magpul®, this tool simplifies the process of sight adjustments, offering convenience, reliability and precision. Upgrade to the Front Sight Adjuster Pro and experience front sight adjustments like never before.


• Fits both 5-pin and 4-pin front sights
• Longer design for compatibility with a wide range of AR sights, including H&K, Troy and Magpul®
• Removable tube with double-sided compatibility for A1 and A2 front sights
• Innovative case design for compact storage, protection and improved grip
• Precision-machined from tool steel for extra strength and durability
• T-handle driver for comfortable and ergonomic use
• Black oxide coating for a sleek and corrosion-resistant finish
• Lanyard capability for convenient carrying and accessibility

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The Perfect Tool for A1 and A2 Front Sight Adjustments

The revolutionary Front Sight Adjuster™ Pro, the ultimate solution for precise and hassle-free front sight adjustments. This cutting-edge tool is designed to cater to the needs of both 5-pin and 4-pin front sights, making it a versatile accessory that is truly a game-changer in the industry. One of the standout features...

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