Gun Tool Edge™ – AR15


Tactical knife and multi-tool for AR15.

The pinnacle of tactical knife/multi-tool designed exclusively for the AR15 platform. Boasting a razor-sharp 2.6″ Tanto blade and premium titanium and black oxide finishes, this tool ensures durability and longevity. With 12 bolt carrier group scrapers, firing pin scraper, carrier scraper, firing pin retaining pin puller, tap hammer, takedown punch, and bolt override, this compact and rugged design maximizes functionality in the field and at the range. Engineered for unmatched precision and reliability, Gun Tool Edge – AR15 is the essential companion for those who demand excellence from their equipment. Upgrade your arsenal and redefine your standards of performance.

Tactical knife and multi-tool for AR15

Remove carbon from all surfaces of bolt carrier group.

Stainless steel pocket clip

Critical Carry

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