Gun Tool Edge™ – AR15


Tactical knife and multi-tool for AR15.

The Gun Tool Edge – AR15 is designed for AR15 enthusiasts, combining functionality and sleek design in a single, compact framework. Designed to cater to the intricate needs of AR15 operators, this tool integrates a versatile selection of maintenance essentials, including a razor-sharp 2.6″ Tanto blade, and an array of dedicated bolt carrier group scrapers. Each component, from the premium titanium and black oxide finishes to the stainless steel construction, underscores a commitment to durability and precision. Its innovative design ensures that crucial maintenance tasks can be performed efficiently, whether in the field or at the range. This tool’s integration of a bolt override, takedown punch, tap hammer and firing pin retaining pin puller further extends its utility, making it indispensable for ensuring the optimal performance of the AR15. Compact and rugged, the Gun Tool Edge – AR15 redefines the standards of portable firearm maintenance tools, solidifying its role as a critical carry item for any AR15 user.

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Multi-Function Everyday AR15 Tool and Knife

  • The Gun Tool Edge™ – AR15 is a tactical knife/multi-tool designed to meet the rigorous demands of AR15 operators and enthusiasts. This compact yet powerful tool brings essential maintenance functionalities into a single, durable package, ensuring users have the capability to perform crucial adjustments and repairs in any setting. The cornerstone of this tool is its robust 2.6″ Tanto blade, renowned for its strength and precision cutting ability. Crafted with premium materials, the blade is specifically designed for slicing and puncturing tasks, making it an indispensable asset for a wide range of applications.

    When maintaining an AR15, the Gun Tool Edge – AR15 excels with its comprehensive set of bolt carrier group (BCG) scrapers. These scrapers are engineered to clean 12 critical surfaces of the BCG, an essential task for maintaining the rifle’s reliability and performance. The tool’s ability to remove carbon buildup efficiently helps prevent malfunctions and ensures the firearm operates smoothly. This functionality highlights the tool’s role not just as a knife, but as a critical maintenance device that addresses the specific needs of the AR15 platform.

    The Gun Tool Edge – AR15 construction features premium titanium and black oxide finishes, enhancing its resistance to corrosion and wear. This attention to material quality ensures that the tool can withstand the harsh conditions often encountered in the field and at the range. Additionally, the inclusion of a stainless steel pocket clip underscores the tool’s utility as an everyday carry item, ensuring that it remains readily accessible for immediate use.

    The versatility of the Gun Tool Edge – AR15 extends beyond its cutting and scraping capabilities. It includes an array of additional tools such as a firing pin retaining pin puller, a tap hammer, a takedown punch and a bolt override tool. These integrated features underscore the tool’s comprehensive approach to firearm maintenance, providing users with the means to address a wide range of maintenance tasks with a single, compact tool. This multi-functional design, combined with its rugged construction, makes the Gun Tool Edge – AR15 is a must have for AR15 users seeking to maintain their firearm’s peak performance.

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

• 2.6″ Tanto blade for precision cutting and puncturing
• Premium titanium and black oxide finishes for durability
• 12 dedicated bolt carrier group scrapers for comprehensive cleaning
• Firing pin retaining pin puller for easy disassembly
• Tap hammer for secure pin installation and removal
• Takedown punch for detailed firearm breakdown
• Bolt override tool for clearing malfunctions efficiently
• Stainless steel pocket clip for accessible carry
• Compact design for field and range use
• Engineered specifically for AR15 platform maintenance
• Durable construction withstands demanding conditions
• Integrated tools streamline maintenance tasks

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