Master Gun Vise® Collection for AR15


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Precision Engineered for Unmatched Gun Care Efficiency

This collection, anchored by the revolutionary Master Gun Vise, sets a new standard in precision, versatility and efficiency for AR15 builders. With its groundbreaking design, this vise enables optimal AR15 positioning thanks to its 360-degree articulation and 8-position locking ball and socket mechanism. This adaptability ensures that every task, from cleaning to complex modifications, is executed with unparalleled precision and ease. This collection merges the advanced functionality of the Master Gun Vise with the precision of Smart-Jaws™ — Multi-Fit™ Vise Jaws, Tube-Fit™ Vise Jaws, the innovation of the Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15 and the versatility of the Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block, complemented by the all-in-one supersized project mat and tool organizer the Smart Mat® XL Universal. Designed to cater to every aspect of firearm care, from intricate repairs to comprehensive customizations, this collection ensures that enthusiasts and DIY gunsmiths alike have access to professional-grade tools for achieving exceptional results in their projects.

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Upgrade to Master Grade®

  • The Master Gun Vise® Collection for AR15 offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed for the dedicated gunsmith and DIY enthusiast. At the heart of the collection is the Master Gun Vise, a bench-mount vise with innovative features such as 360-degree articulation and a robust 8-position locking ball and socket mechanism, capable of handling high-torque applications up to 100ft-lb. This foundational tool provides an unmatched level of versatility and precision, enabling users to position firearms for maintenance, customization or repair tasks with unparalleled ease and accuracy.Expanding the functionality of the Master Gun Vise are the Smart-Jaws™ — Multi-Fit™ and Tube-Fit™ Vise Jaws. These jaws are engineered to offer secure, damage-free handling of various firearm components. The Multi-Fit Vise Jaws, with their reversible design, textured flat surface and eight distinct grooves, accommodate a wide array of firearm parts, ensuring a firm grip without the risk of damage. The Tube-Fit Vise Jaws, on the other hand, are specifically designed for cylindrical objects like suppressors, providing a non-marring, heat-resistant grip.

    Further enhancing the collection’s capabilities are the Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15 and Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block. The Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block – AR15 leverages the strength of the AR barrel extension lugs for a secure grip, while its precision-machined aluminum construction prevents damage to the firearm. The Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block offers an adjustable fit for all MIL-SPEC AR15 magwells, ensuring a rock-solid support base for cleaning, maintenance or building tasks.

    Completing the collection is the Smart Mat® XL Universal, a protective mat designed to provide a large, oil-resistant work area. Its integrated parts and tool storage tray and detachable small parts storage case ensure an organized and efficient workspace. This mat not only protects the work surface but also keeps essential tools and small components within reach, reducing the risk of loss.

    By combining the Master Gun Vise with Smart-Jaws, the Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block – AR15, Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block, and the Smart Mat XL Universal, AR15 enthusiasts can achieve professional-grade results with ease, precision and confidence. This collection empowers users to tackle a wide range of AR15 projects, from simple cleaning tasks to complex customizations, with a level of precision and efficiency that is unparalleled in the field.

  • The following items are in the Master Gun Vise® Collection for AR15:

    • Master Gun Vise®
    • Smart-Jaws™ — Multi-Fit™ Sleeves for Master Gun Vise®
    • Smart-Jaws™ – Tube-Fit™ Sleeves for Master Gun Vise®
    • Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15
    • Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block
    • Smart Mat® – XL Universal

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

• Master Gun Vise® designed for unparalleled firearm maintenance, customization and repair with articulating 360-degree rotation.
• 8-position locking ball and socket mechanism for handling high-torque tasks, ensuring stability and precision.
• Smart-Jaws™ — Multi-Fit™ Vise Jaws provide secure, damage-free gripping for various firearm parts, enhancing maintenance safety.
• Smart-Jaws — Tube-Fit™ Vise Jaws designed for cylindrical objects, offering a non-marring, heat-resistant grip.
• Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15 leverages AR barrel extension lugs for secure, stable maintenance of upper receivers.
• Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block adapts to all MIL-SPEC AR15 magwells for a snug fit, eliminating wobble during maintenance.
• Reversible Smart-Jaws™ — Gun-Fit™ Vise Jaws and stainless steel Jaw Plates ensure versatile and durable support for all firearm maintenance tasks.
• Smart Mat® XL Universal features an expansive, oil-resistant work area with integrated parts and tool storage for organized maintenance.
• Detachable small parts storage case on the Smart Mat XL prevents loss of crucial components, enhancing workspace efficiency.
• The collection provides a comprehensive, professional-grade solution for DIY firearm enthusiasts, streamlining gun maintenance, customization and repair processes.

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