The AR15 Scraper™

The AR15 Scraper™



The AR15 Scraper: the ultimate tool for maintaining the AR15 bolt carrier group with unmatched efficiency and precision. Crafted to remove carbon buildup from 12 crucial surfaces, including the bolt, firing pin and bolt carrier, it ensures your firearm operates at its peak reliability. Its comprehensive cleaning capabilities extend to both small and large diameters of the firing pin, bolt cam pin and interior surfaces of the bolt carrier, leaving no area untouched. Versatile yet durable, The AR15 Scraper is designed for ease of use and portability. Whether at the workbench, in your cleaning kit or packed in your range bag, it’s always ready to keep your AR15 in optimal condition. Don’t let carbon accumulation compromise your rifle’s performance – equip yourself with The AR15 Scraper and maintain your firearm with confidence.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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  • The AR15 Scraper is a tool engineered to enhance the maintenance process of the AR15 bolt carrier group (BCG), a critical component for the reliable operation of the firearm. Carbon buildup is a common issue that can lead to malfunctions and degraded performance in AR15 rifles. This tool addresses this challenge by providing a solution for removing carbon from 12 essential surfaces of the BCG. Its precision construction allows for the thorough cleaning of areas that are typically challenging to reach, including the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin and firing pin. This level of detail in cleaning not only ensures the optimal functioning of the firearm but also extends its longevity.

    Constructed from durable materials, The AR15 Scraper is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an easy addition to any cleaning kit or range bag, ensuring that it is always on hand when needed. The tool’s efficiency is in its simplicity; it eliminates the need for multiple cleaning tools and solvents, streamlining the cleaning process. The double-ended design features specific contours that match the unique surfaces of the BCG, enabling users to scrape off carbon deposits effectively without damaging the firearm’s components.

    The AR15 Scraper’s design is user focused. The tool provides a comfortable and secure grip, which is crucial for applying the necessary pressure to remove stubborn carbon buildup. Its pivoting cover protects the user’s hand from the scraping edges while in use, further enhancing its safety features. This attention to detail in design underscores the tool’s role in promoting efficient and safe cleaning practices among AR15 rifle owners.

    The AR15 Scraper is an essential tool for promoting the longevity and reliability of AR15 rifles. By providing a deeper clean, it prevents the buildup of carbon that can lead to malfunctions and wear over time. This preventative maintenance is key to ensuring the firearm operates at peak performance, whether it’s used for competitive shooting, hunting or defense. The scraper’s ability to maintain the cleanliness of the BCG contributes to the overall health of the rifle, making it an invaluable asset for any AR15 enthusiast.

    The AR15 Scraper is an important tool engineered with innovation, durability and precision. Its comprehensive design addresses the needs of AR15 maintenance, making it a staple of any discerning AR15 owner.


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