Tri-Max® Clp – 12Oz Aerosol

Tri-Max® Clp – 12Oz Aerosol


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Real Avid Tri-Max CLP® is an all-in-one gun cleaning and maintenance solution that allows you to clean, lubricate and protect against rust in one step. Tri-Max CLP® saves you time and ensures effective gun maintenance that is the preferred solution used by today’s military.

Tri-Max CLP™ advanced formula performs as an effective bore cleaner and solvent on all gun parts. It will tackle grime and burnt powder residue and will help minimize gunk build-up. Tri-Max CLP™ ensures long-lasting lubrication of moving parts to reduce friction and to protect from wear. It excels in extreme environments and will work reliably in heat, dust, or arctic cold.

Tri-Max CLP™ is chemically engineered to act as a powerful inhibitor. It creates a moisture barrier to protect against the environment and prevent rust.

12oz can.

Ground shipping only.

CANNOT ship to AK or HI

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Tri-Max CLP® is a chemically advanced triple threat to the most common enemies of gun performance – Friction, Corrosion & Gunk.

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