Picture of Real Avid LEVEL-RIGHT™


REAL AVID has moved into the optics mounting game with a new series of reticle leveling tools aptly named Level Right™. Thinking outside the box and reinventing the way Gun DIY® tasks are accomplished, scope leveling was a prime candidate for an upgrade.

Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer at Real Avid said “Guns continue becoming more accurate, and technology keeps improving optics performance. We looked at the way that scopes get mounted. We talked to many shooters and we realized there had to be a better way. Until now, there have only been complicated old school methods that aren’t capable of the kind of precision modern shooters demand.  We eliminated fumbling with small levels and went right to the heart of the problem and created a Master Grade tool that quickly levels the reticle, not the turret. Our Gun DIY® customers want to do the job themselves, and they want the best tool for that job.”


To see the first in this line of products Click HERE.

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