Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns® does it again! In the continual quest to invent the Best Tools for the Job, they are proud to announce the availability of the Master-Fit AR15 Crowfoot Wrench Sets.

These new armorer’s tools are the most comprehensive all-in-one AR15 Armorer’s Torque Wrench Kits ever assembled. Master-Fit single purpose crowfoot wrenches are made specifically for building and modifying AR15 rifles. Specialized for precise fitment and manipulation of MIL-SPEC and free-float barrel nuts, muzzle devices and castle nuts. The titanium coated stainless steel construction provides tight tolerances for solid, nut-gripping strength and enhanced no-slip tool control. Paired with the heavy-duty Master-Fit Torque Wrench, it takes Gun DIY® building to a new level of Master Grade® quality and precision.

Armorer’s wrenches have been around for a long time. In fact, Real Avid introduced the iconic Armorer’s Master Wrench® back in 2018 and it remains one of the top sellers to Gun DIY builders and armorers alike. Armorer’s wrenches are a great all-in-one multi-use gun building wrench for the home builder, but as with all other multi-use wrenches, they do have limitations. Not very long ago, a builder could swap out barrels and handguards with only a delta ring or 18-post free-float wrench. As the market has exploded and new designs emerged, gun modifications are no longer always that simple, requiring additional specialty tools for building and modification. Master-Fit delivers that capability and is one of the most significant upgrades the AR15 tool market has seen in a very long time.  

As students of gunsmiths, armorers and DIY gun builders, the Real Avid development teams are constantly on the look-out for ways to create a better experience for anything related to Gun DIY. “We visit with our gun manufacturing partners quite often and they allow us access to their production floors to see how their firearms are assembled. The level of sophistication and precision in their work-flow and equipment is always impressive” remarked Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer. “One of the things we continually notice is that almost every assembly wrench used in production is custom made. The reason being, nobody in the gun tool market makes them. If the gun manufacturing industry has to make their own wrenches to get the job done, how much harder must this be for the home Gun DIY builder? We saw a great opportunity to bring a new professional level of precision, quality and durability commonly found in other mechanical trades, to the gun industry. That’s Master-Fit.”

Included in both sets is the Master-Fit Torque Wrench. This ½” drive ratcheting torque wrench boasts a 10 to 150 foot-pound range for meeting recommended torque settings and requirements. It features 45 ratcheting teeth, and the driver “clicks” every 8 degrees allowing for optimal placement and leverage positions. The wrench is also dual-directional and provides the ability to set torque on reverse threads as well.

The 13-piece set includes 12 specialized wrenches that fit the most common AR15 assembly nut sizes. Also included is the Master-Fit Torque Wrench. The set is secured in a durable hard-sided storage case to keep tools organized. The case features structured foam wrench pockets and a molded-in torque wrench cradle. MSRP $299.99.

The 5-piece set includes 4 crowfoot wrenches for A2 barrel nuts, 3/4” muzzle devices, 5/8” muzzle devices/fixed buttstocks and a castle nut wrench. Also included is the Master-Fit Torque Wrench. Wrenches can be affixed and stored on the included storage rail. MSRP $149.99.            

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