Real Avid Introduces the Pro Shop Upgrade Program

Real Avid Introduces the Pro Shop Upgrade Program

Real Avid, the Leader in DIY for Guns®, has effectively moved expert gun modification, accessorizing, and maintenance from the gunsmith bench to the kitchen table with its innovative, ever-expanding line of firearm tools and supplies developed specifically for the do-it-yourself gun enthusiast. Now, Real Avid is providing retailers of all sizes across the nation with the tools they need to boost sales and to establish their stores as the “go-to authority” for gun owners looking to maintain, modify, and build their own firearms thanks to the new Pro Shop Upgrade merchandising program.

As any firearm and sporting goods retailer knows, customers increasingly expect to accessorize and modify their firearms. Everything from installing their own optics, upgrading to an aftermarket trigger, building a complete AR-15 rifle, or simply maintaining their firearms with professional-level cleaning and maintenance is now part of the modern gun enthusiasts’ potential skill set thanks to the solution-driven products offered by Real Avid.

Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer, said,“There is a new breed of gun owner emerging. From AR15s to handguns to precision rifles and tactical shotguns, these highly motivated enthusiasts are hands-on and have a personal ‘can do’, ‘want to’ do-it-themselves attitude to maintaining, building and equipping their guns. Personalizing and maintaining guns that fit their needs and stir their imaginations drives their passion. They take pride in their guns and value products and tools that help them work smarter.”

The Pro Shop Upgrade Program Concept

The Pro Shop Upgrade program offers retail-ready merchandising options to meet any retail environment. These include branded aisle headers, must-see endcap presentations, and creative violators that invite customers to engage the products. But the consumer interaction doesn’t end there.

Real Avid designs its packaging to provide maximum information on product application, use, and benefits. This approach to on-product consumer education makes product selection easy on the consumer and leads to increased sales. It is an increasingly important approach to retail merchandising as new gun owners wade through unfamiliar territory and are often reluctant to seek assistance.

By combining attention-grabbing displays with comprehensive product information, retail customers can more quickly make informed purchasing decisions

On the Move with DIY

The DIY movement is on the rise and customers are looking to their local retailers for the tools, supplies, and knowledge base they need to keep their guns running and to turn their stock handguns, rifles, and shotguns into custom arms they can be proud of, that increase functionality, and that they can show to their friends and family. The new Pro Shop Upgrade program, available to Real Avid dealers, is designed to help retailers simplify entry into the DIY arena for their walk-in customers by presenting the company’s innovative products through attention-grabbing displays and logical organization. This allows veteran gun owners and, more importantly, the wave of new gun owners to confidently assess the tool and maintenance solutions they need…and that leads to increased sales not only of Real Avid products but also the multitude of aftermarket accessories and upgrade parts included in the retailers’ on-shelf inventories.

“Our product packaging has always captured the attention of the consumer,” said Dave Steiner, President. “This Pro Shop Upgrade program amplifies our assortments and takes our in-store merchandising to a new level. These plan-o-grammed assortments, with crisp merchandising elements, will set the high-bar for how gun tools and gun cleaning products should be presented, making it easier for the store and the consumer to find solutions and solve their gun maintenance needs.  The result is maximized revenue for the store.”

Direct Benefits of the Real Avid Pro Shop Upgrade Program

Retailers who take advantage of the Real Avid Pro Shop Upgrade reap the rewards of more than focused product sales—the program enhances the consumer experience, promotes sales beyond Real Avid products, and elevates the retailer in the eyes of the customer and the customer’s personal network of firearm enthusiast…

  • Make Firearm Support Easier For Your Customers – Even long-time shooters and hunters can have a challenging time trying to find the right support products for their firearms. A quick walk down most any big box retailer reveals how difficult it can be the find the right product for the right firearm application. Informative product packaging, logical organization, and category structure of the Real Avid Pro Shop Upgrade allows veteran and novice customers easily find what they are looking for and even discover items they don’t know they need.
  • Customer Education – The old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” is especially applicable to new gun owners. The comprehensive line of Real Avid gun building, modification, and maintenance products includes detailed descriptions and directions for product applications, benefits, and use. This allows customers to educate themselves in a retail environment with “hands-on” product evaluation and to prompt follow-up questions with knowledgeable staff.
  • Customer Empowerment – Knowledge builds confidence, and the underlying theme of Real Avid’s approach to the firearm enthusiast segment has always been to instill confidence in the consumer that he or she can perform much of their own firearm customization and maintenance on their own without relying on the services of a gunsmith.
  • Increased Accessory Sales – As customers become more educated and their confidence builds through acquired knowledge, they become ready to tackle their own projects. That, by extension, leads to increased sales of firearm accessories. For example, the ability to read about and understand the function of the Real Avid Master Sight Pusher they are holding in their hand gives the customer confidence to buy that tritium pistol sight kit hanging on the next aisle over. The Pro Shop Upgrade program essentially becomes a sales force multiplier for other product categories in the retail sphere.
  • Become a “Happening” – Gun owners enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others, and they certainly are eager to let friends know about their latest gun customization and how they can do the same. That puts the spotlight on the retailer where the friend purchased their tools and accessories. The easy and edifying shopping experience provided by the Real Avid Pro Shop Upgrade means local gun shops and sporting goods retailers can obtain that critical word-of-mouth exposure and recommendation and can quickly become known as “the place” to go for DIY gun customizing tools, parts, and support materials.
  • Save Time – Real Avid’s intelligent and educational packaging sells the product for you, saving time by answering customer questions; this is especially important now with more new gun owners entering the marketplace.
  • Maximize Space – The Pro Shop Upgrade offers several engaging merchandising options for displays to meet specific floor plans and traffic flow needs. This flexibility allows the retailer to make the most efficient use of space while ensuring high visibility and interaction with customers.

What They’re Saying

“Real Avid is the first company I’ve experienced that offers gun cleaning solutions and maintenance/building tools specifically designed for firearms! We are super excited about being partners and offering their products to our customers. The packaging is top-shelf and looks like something that deserves to be in my store. When I’ve dealt with Real Avid’s sales team, I realize this isn’t something they’re doing for fun—they’re doing it because of passion.”

“Beyond the products, I’m not worried about Real Avid being sold five times in the next two years like a lot of other companies nowadays. I have the peace of mind that we will be selling the same top-self products from Real Avid for the next 25 years! There’s not a single SKU or list of SKUs in my store that I can honestly say turn more quickly and are empty more often than Real Avid items. It’s all we stock in the shop now!” – Adam Gariglietti, Owner of John’s Sport Center, Inc. located in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Merchandising Made Easy

Dealers have several great choices of layouts, designs and even custom planograms.  Included with the order will be merchandising signage, mounting hardware, inventory backer cards, installation instructions, and a detailed planogram. To inquire about upgrading your space with a Real Avid Pro Shop or to become a Real Avid Dealer please contact your local independent Real Avid sales representative or email [email protected]

About Real Avid: 

Real Avid is the leader in DIY for Guns®. We relentlessly invent superior problem-solving products and instruction that improve the experience of customizing, cleaning, building and modifying guns. Visit for more information and to see the full line of Real Avid products.  

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