12 specialized wrenches for 3-prong flash hiders, castle nuts and free-float barrel nuts, as well as standard A2 components

12 specialized wrenches for 3-prong flash hiders, castle nuts and free-float barrel nuts, as well as standard A2 components

Precision in firearm maintenance and customization is key for both professional gunsmithing and enthusiast tinkering. The Master-Fit® 13-Piece AR15 Crowfoot Wrench Set emerges as a critical toolset designed to address the demands of AR15 armorer’s tasks. This collection of wrenches is engineered from titanium-coated stainless steel, a material choice that not only assures longevity but also provides the resilience necessary to withstand the rigors of repeated use. The coating enhances the tools’ resistance to corrosion and wear, a vital attribute when dealing with the components of firearms that require durability in maintenance tools.

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The set’s array of wrenches is designed for specific functions, catering to the diverse needs of AR15 assembly and modification. This specialization ensures a precise fit for various components, such as 3-prong flash hiders, castle nuts and free-float barrel nuts, along with standard A2 components. Such precision prevents the marring of firearm parts during installation or removal, a common concern that can compromise both aesthetics and functionality. The specialized design of each wrench in the set enables users to exert the exact amount of force needed, minimizing the risk of over-torquing and potential damage to firearm parts.

Central to the set is the Master-Fit Torque Wrench. Offering adjustable torque settings ranging from 10 to 150 foot-pounds with an accuracy of ±4%, this wrench provides a level of precision that is important for ensuring the firearm’s reliability and performance. The inclusion of a ratcheting head with 45 teeth allows for fine adjustments and optimal leverage, a feature that enhances user control and ensures that torque is applied evenly and accurately across various components.

The hard-sided case is complete with structured foam wrench pockets and a molded cradle for the torque wrench. This organized approach not only extends the life of the tools but also ensures they are readily accessible, streamlining the process.

Real Avid® has redefined gun tools by delivering Master Grade® innovation, quality and durability relied upon by GUN DIYers, professional armorers and gunsmiths. Our passion and relentless pursuit of innovation enabled us to set the bar high and achieve a brand leadership position in the world of gun tools and gun cleaning. From Master Grade Tools to High-Performance Gun Cleaning™ products to the world’s leading line of Gun Multi-Tools, every Real Avid product raises the bar and redefines a new standard for real-world performance.

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