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Any fans of the premiere Gun Tool maker Real Avid know about the quality and insight that they put into their Gun Tool™ line of products. They invented the category with the original Gun Tool. 

Gun Tool AMP™ comes in three platform specific versions – Pistol, 1911 and AR15

Real Avid TRANSFORMS the gun multi-tool again!

Well fan’s, once again it’s time to UPGRADE. The Gun Tool™ AMP is a creatively reinvented line of multi-tool’s for guns. With transformer-like functionality, AMP packs serious problem-solving capability into a surprisingly small footprint. Designed to accompany your EDC, or conveniently store in your range bag so you can always Keep It Ready

More than meets the eye.

As David Bronson from Guns & Gadgets Daily remarked, “I was born and raised in the Church of the Multi-Tool, and today I’ve found a new holy relic for my religion: the Real Avid Gun Tool AMP. Oh, sure, there are other gun tools out there (and Real Avid makes a lot of them), but this one is different. This is a gun tool that is its own holster, and the holster is also a gun tool. It’s gun-tool-ception, and I am here for it.” To see David’s write-up click HERE.


Mission Specific

Gun Tool™ AMP comes in three platform specific models; AR15Pistol and 1911. Each model has a mission specific array of implements and tools designed specifically for those platforms to fix, clean, maintain and modify at the range or in the field.  Click your tool below to take you to the product & video page, and get yours today!

Gun Tool™ AMP – Pistol

Gun Tool™ AMP – 1911

Gun Tool™ AMP – AR15

To see more on this new line of multi-tools read “A Whole New Animal” Gun Tool AMP™

Not to be out-shined, big things can come in small packages and the Gun Tool CORE™ is a perfect example. Small in stature but big on solving some of the most common AR15 issues that come up in the field.


Personal Defense World had this to say, “From carbon scrapers to front sight assembly tool, the new Real Avid Gun Tool CORE – AR15 becomes a must-have for every AR owner’s gun bag.”


Patrick Sweeney declared in his article “Cleverness Can Be Simple” for Gun Digest (May 2020), “I’m not entirely sure that it’s possible to pack more features or tools into a unit that’s so compact…”

Get yours right HERE!

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