Master Grade® Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting Kit: Elevating Firearm Optics to Precision Heights

Master Grade® Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting Kit: Elevating Firearm Optics to Precision Heights

When mounting firearm optics, achieving optimal precision is critical for accuracy and performance. That’s where the Master Grade Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting Kit steps in as a game-changer. Designed with attention to detail and engineered for seamless functionality, this kit revolutionizes the process of mounting scopes and sighting-in firearms.

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At the heart of this kit lies the Level-Right® Pro, a precision instrument that simplifies scope alignment with unparalleled accuracy. Its intuitive design and four-step process ensure that the scope reticle aligns perfectly with the horizontal plane of the firearm, regardless of turret orientation. Whether you’re dealing with a standard barrel or a Picatinny rail attachment, the Level-Right Pro offers versatility and precision, making it an indispensable tool for any firearm enthusiast.

Complementing the Level-Right Pro is the Smart-Torq®, a torque driver engineered to meet the precise demands of optic mounting and gun assembly. With a torque range of 10 to 70 inch-lbs in 1 inch-lb increments, the Smart-Torq guarantees the exact torque required for stability without the risk of over-tightening. Its ergonomic design and Force-Assist™ technology ensure comfortable handling and controlled tightening, adhering to manufacturer specifications with every turn.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Enter the Viz-Max Bore Sighter®, a revolutionary tool that simplifies and accelerates the bore sighting process. Encased in a rugged housing, the Viz-Max emits a powerful green dot laser that provides maximum visibility for quick and accurate alignment of firearm barrels and optics. Its magnetic attachment feature ensures a secure fit to the firearm’s bore, facilitating a rapid and precise sighting-in process.

With step-by-step instructions provided, users can effortlessly mount, level and sight their scopes with unparalleled precision and confidence. From aligning the reticle to torquing down scope rings and bore sighting, the Master Grade Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting Kit offers the ultimate tools for achieving optimal performance and accuracy.

Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a novice enthusiast, elevate your firearm optics experience with the Master Grade Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting Kit.

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