Professional-Grade Design for Serious Gun Owners — Gun Boss® Pro – Universal Cleaning Kit

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Professional-Grade Design for Serious Gun Owners — Gun Boss® Pro – Universal Cleaning Kit

Gun Boss Pro – Universal is the ultimate solution to subpar firearm cleaning kits. This premium gun cleaning kit is designed to address the shortcomings of cheap, spill-prone alternatives. With its patented stand-up case, Gun Boss Pro – Universal offers a comprehensive and efficient multi-gun cleaning experience.

Gun Boss Pro – Universal is engineered for those who demand excellence. Unlike typical flimsy cleaning kits, Gun Boss Pro – Universal features a crush-proof and spill-proof stand-up case that securely holds all components in place. Say goodbye to loose parts and messy cleanups – Gun Boss Pro – Universal ensures a seamless and organized cleaning.

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Every aspect of Gun Boss Pro – Universal is meticulously designed to enhance your cleaning routine. Premium tools such as brass rod sections, rotating and fixed threaded receivers, jags, bore patch tips and brushes cover to a wide range of firearms – from .22 to .45 caliber handguns and rifles, as well as 20 and 12 gauge shotguns. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use, while the organized compartments in the case allow easy access to each tool.

Gun Boss Pro – Universal’s step-by-step cleaning process is straightforward and efficient:

  • Connect the brass rod sections to the ergonomic handle.
  • Choose the appropriate slotted patch tip or jag size and attach it to the rod.
  • Apply solvent to a cleaning patch and run it through the bore using the slotted tip or jag to remove fouling.
  • Use bore brushes to further scrub away residue.
  • Attach a clean, dry patch to the rod and repeat the process to ensure a thorough clean.
  • For shotguns, utilize the mops and brushes to remove fouling from the bore.
  • Wipe down the action and parts with a clean patch coated in gun solvent to remove any remaining fouling.
  • Finish by wiping the action with a clean, dry patch.

Gun Boss Pro – Universal’s multi-function handle is a standout feature. Its tap hammer surface aids in pin punching, the rotating receiver assists in rifling cleaning and the fixed receiver is perfect for detailed cleaning.

Gun Boss Pro – Universal is not just about the tools – it’s also about value. Alongside the premium cleaning components, the kit includes 50 gun cleaning patches, pegboard holes for convenient storage, phosphor bronze cleaning brushes, shotgun cleaning mops and all components are equipped with 8-32 threads. This attention to detail ensures that Gun Boss Pro – Universal covers all your firearm cleaning needs.

Gun Boss Pro – Universal isn’t just another cleaning kit; it’s a professional-grade solution that caters to the demands of modern gun owners. With its durable case, versatile tools and efficient cleaning capability, Gun Boss Pro – Universal sets a new standard for firearm maintenance. Say farewell to inferior kits and experience the superior cleaning capabilities of Gun Boss Pro. Your firearms deserve the best – they deserve Gun Boss Pro – Universal.

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