Picture of Real Avid Lug-Lok Vise Block on AR15



The receiver of an AR15, to which the barrel attaches, is called the “upper.”

Here’s a fact: Most uppers are made from aluminum. An aluminum upper is light, durable, and strong, but it is NOT designed to be squeezed in a vise grip.

Here’s another fact: When you’re working on an AR15 upper, you need something to hold it securely in place in your bench vise. Most upper vise blocks for this purpose are about wrapping around and squeezing that aluminum housing to hold it in place.

You can see the problem. We did, and that’s why we created the Real Avid Lug-Lok Vise Block.

Our smart design moves the stress from the weakest part of the gun to the strongest point with precision lugs precisely engaging the star chamber at the rear of the barrel. The Lug-Lock Vise Block is made of aircraft-grade aluminum – strong enough not to deform or bend under torque, but not so strong it will damage your gun.

Secure the Lug-Lok Vise Block in your bench vise at precisely the angle needed to work on the upper. Two stainless steel pins keep the block from slipping in the vise. Slide your upper onto the block and turn it up to 360 degrees to position it conveniently for the work you need to. Then seat it to engage the lugs in the star chamber.

For total security, insert the lock knob through the ejection port. Now it can’t move no matter what you need to do to the upper whether that breaks free a stubborn suppressor or barrel nut, change out something on the rail, or simply add accessories.

The Lug-Lok Vise Block is a professional quality tool that secures your AR15 upper in any orientation so you can work on any part of the gun from a rock-solid platform.

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