Foul-Out® Gunk Blaster – 12 oz Aerosol: The Ultimate Gun Action Cleaner & Degreaser

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Foul-Out® Gunk Blaster – 12 oz Aerosol: The Ultimate Gun Action Cleaner & Degreaser

Foul-Out Gunk Blaster’s polymer-safe, gun-metal grade solvent quickly strips gun actions clean of grime, burnt powder, oil & grease. It blasts away grease & grime in record time while leaving no residue behind due to its fast-evaporating formula. This means that not only does it clean efficiently but also eliminates most malfunctions caused by fouling and grime build-up.

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For best results when using Foul-Out Gunk Blaster, remove the bottom action/trigger assembly before application. Position your firearm in such a way as to allow the solvent and gunk to flush out of the chamber easily. Use short blasts for pin-point cleaning inside the action area.

The versatility of this product extends beyond just cleaning chambers; it can be used effectively on trigger groups, bolt groups, slides, choke tube threading, semi-auto gas ports, extractors and ejectors, among other hard-to-reach areas within your firearm.

After applying Foul-Out Gunk Blaster and allowing it to air dry for 2 minutes, apply a thin coat of Gun-Max® Gun Oil onto metal surfaces for protection against rust & wear. Remember to always ensure that firearms are fully unloaded before commencing with any form of cleaning or maintenance procedures.

One unique feature about this product is its two-position nozzle straw which allows users to either spray or blast depending on their needs at any given moment during use. An industry-first flip-up nozzle provides pin-point chemical application with nozzle in the “up” position; the “down” position provides wider spray and safely stores straw when not in use.

Foul-Out Gunk Blaster is a game-changer for firearm owners. It offers an efficient, fast-acting solution to cleaning gun actions while ensuring that your firearm remains protected from rust and wear. With this product at your disposal, you can say goodbye to stubborn grime and hello to a cleaner, smoother-operating firearm.

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