Revolutionize Your Gun Cleaning Process with Bore-Max® Bore Foam – 12 oz Aerosol: The Ultimate Copper and Carbon Eliminator

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Revolutionize Your Gun Cleaning Process with Bore-Max® Bore Foam – 12 oz Aerosol: The Ultimate Copper and Carbon Eliminator

Real Avid Bore-Max Bore Foam, the game-changing solution that will transform your firearm maintenance routine. Tired of spending countless hours tirelessly scrubbing your gun bore, only to be left frustrated by stubborn residue? Say goodbye to that hassle and embrace the power of Bore-Max Bore Foam, the ultimate copper and carbon eliminator that will take your gun care to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Developed by the industry-leading experts at Real Avid, Bore-Max Bore Foam is a powerful gun-metal grade foaming solvent meticulously formulated to expand and penetrate deep within the gun bore. Its rapid and effective action dissolves performance-inhibiting copper and powder fouling, leaving your firearm in pristine condition.

The key to achieving a superior clean is utilizing the power of Bore-Max Bore Foam. Our innovative formula harnesses the potency of a gun-metal grade foaming solvent, ensuring optimal penetration and rapid dissolution of copper and powder fouling. To make the most of this remarkable product, follow these simple steps:

  • Shake the can vigorously before use to activate the powerful foam.
  • Prior to application, use a high-quality bore brush to scrub the bore and prepare it for the foam.
  • With precision, spray the fast-expanding foam into the barrel from the breech, allowing it to fill the entire length.
  • Exercise caution and apply the foam in short bursts, ensuring thorough coverage of the barrel’s interior.
  • For optimal results, keep the muzzle slightly lowered to prevent cleaning residue from entering the receiver, allowing the dissolved fouling to flow out through the barrel’s end.
  • Allow the foam to work its magic for 10-15 minutes, giving it ample time to dissolve copper and powder fouling.
  • Once the designated time has elapsed, employ a cleaning rod and patches to meticulously remove all foam and fouling from the barrel.
  • Marvel at the transformation as the foam turns a brilliant blue, indicating the successful dissolution of copper.
  • For stubborn copper build-up, repeat the process to achieve a thorough clean.
  • After completing the cleaning process, protect your firearm against corrosion by applying Real Avid’s Gun-Max® Gun Oil to the bore.

Bore-Max Bore Foam stands unrivaled in its ability to deliver maximum cleaning performance. The Real Avid team left no stone unturned during the formulation process, tirelessly refining the compound until the ideal solution was achieved. Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer at Real Avid, shared insights into the tireless dedication behind Bore-Max Bore Foam’s development: “We embarked on an extensive journey, testing countless formulations to find the perfect compound. Our primary objective was to create a product that not only aggressively dissolves copper but is also safe for the bore. With Bore-Max, we have surpassed our expectations and achieved exceptional results.”

One of the critical criteria the Real Avid engineers adhered to during the development process was the absence of a harsh chemical odor. Tripp emphasized, “We understand the disdain for the traditional, pungent smell associated with bore solvents, especially when used in confined spaces. With Bore-Max, we have succeeded in creating the most potent and fast-acting copper solvent while eliminating any harsh-smelling chemicals.”

Bore-Max Bore Foam is the ultimate solution for firearm maintenance. Its powerful copper and carbon elimination properties, combined with its innovative foaming solvent formulation, make it the go-to choice for gun owners seeking maximum cleaning performance. Say goodbye to laborious scrubbing and hello to a swift and effective cleaning process. Clean bores faster, protect your guns longer and experience the remarkable power of Bore-Max Bore Foam today. Your firearms deserve nothing less than the best.

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