Revolutionize Your Gun DIY® Experience With the Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect System

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Revolutionize Your Gun DIY® Experience With the Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect System

The Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System is the ultimate upgrade for your workbench experience. This groundbreaking accessory system, designed exclusively for Gun DIY enthusiasts, brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to your gun care and modification projects. Whether you’re using the Real Avid Master Gun Vise®, Master Gun Workstation™ or simply mounting it to your bench, the Smart-Assist system is here to revolutionize the way you work. 

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At the heart of the Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System are the Smart-Docks, which effortlessly connect accessories to your vise, workstation or workbench. Gone are the days of struggling to find the help you need. With the Smart-Docks, you can position your accessories exactly where you need them, providing unmatched convenience and support. 

The Quick-Connect Clamps are the key to the system’s flexibility. These configurable, one-handed clamps allow for a seamless plug & play experience, enabling you to customize your workstation with the accessories you require for each specific task. No more wasted time fumbling with complex setups. The Quick-Connect Clamps make it easy to switch between accessories and adapt to your evolving needs. 

The Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System – Essential 3-Pack With Smart-Dock™ includes three must-have accessories: the 180 lumen work light, the 5-inch magnifying glass and the cell phone holder. These accessories are designed to provide hands-free assistance and significantly improve your working conditions. Let’s take a closer look at each one: 

  • The 180 lumen work light is a rechargeable, removable powerhouse that offers three selectable settings, allowing you to illuminate even the darkest and most hard-to-see areas. No more straining your eyes or relying on subpar lighting conditions. This work light will ensure you have the visibility you need to perform precise Gun DIY tasks. 
  • The 5-inch magnifying glass is a game-changer for delicate tasks. Whether you’re inspecting intricate components or working on fine details, this magnifying glass will provide enhanced visibility and allow you to work with precision and confidence. 
  • The cell phone holder is a hands-free solution for watching or creating how-to videos and answering calls without interrupting your workflow. Simply secure your cell phone in the holder, position it within your line of sight and stay connected while keeping your hands free to focus on your Gun DIY projects. 

The Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System is incredibly easy to use. With the Quick-Connect Clamp and the Smart-Dock, you can quickly attach accessories wherever you need them, whether it’s your workbench or the Master Gun Vise. The Smart-Dock features four locking ports to ensure secure attachment and stability, providing a reliable foundation for your accessories. 

Real Avid has redefined Gun DIY with the Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System. We understand the unique challenges that come with working on firearms and we have developed the most innovative system available to meet all your gun care needs. Our Master Gun Vise and Master Gun Workstation incorporate an array of features designed to help you do your best work, and the Smart-Assist system seamlessly integrates with them to provide hands-free lighting, magnification and video creation. 

Upgrade your Gun DIY experience with the first plug & play hands-free accessory system on the market. Add flexibility, convenience and efficiency to the way you work by incorporating the Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System into your setup. Whether you’re a seasoned gunsmith or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this system is a must-have for anyone looking to take their gun care and modification projects to the next level. 

Don’t wait any longer. Embrace the future of Gun DIY and pick up your Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System today. 

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