Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect System – Essential 3-Pack With Smart-Dock™

Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect System – Essential 3-Pack With Smart-Dock™



The Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System – Essential 3-Pack with Smart-Dock includes a docking station, magnifying glass, work light and cell phone holder. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with the Master Gun Vise and Master Gun Workstation. The Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System provides hands-free support for clear visibility and easy recording of work. Its flexible arms secure independently to the Smart-Dock system for convenient positioning of the accessories. Upgrade your workbench experience with the plug & play system for Gun DIY®.

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Enhance Your Workbench

  • Real Avid presents the revolutionary Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System, a game-changing accessory system designed specifically for Gun DIY® enthusiasts. With its Smart-Dock™ and Quick-Connect Clamps, this plug & play system brings convenience, flexibility and functionality to your workbench. Let’s explore the remarkable features of this Essential 3-Pack and unlock a new level of efficiency for your gun care needs.

    The Smart-Assist Accessory System combines the Smart-Docks and Quick-Connect System to provide unmatched convenience and customization options. Attach accessories to your vise, workstation or workbench with ease, bringing assistance right where you need it. The Quick-Connect Clamps enable one-handed plug & play functionality, allowing you to personalize your workspace effortlessly.

    Essential accessories for a hands-free experience, the Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System includes three essential accessories to elevate your Gun DIY projects:

    • Rechargeable 180 lumen work light: Illuminate dark and hard-to-see areas with three selectable settings. Say goodbye to shadows and work with precision.

    • 5-inch magnifying glass: Perfect for delicate tasks, providing exceptional clarity and enabling detailed inspections and modifications.

    • Cell phone holder: Enjoy hands-free access to how-to videos and resources, enhancing efficiency and allowing uninterrupted focus on your projects.

    Upgrade Your Gun DIY Experience Today: Experience the future of Gun DIY with Real Avid’s Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new level of convenience and efficiency. Elevate your workbench with this innovative system and enjoy a hands-free, personalized experience.

Enhance Your Workbench With the Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect System

• Upgrade your Gun DIY® experience with the revolutionary Smart-Assist™ Quick-Connect System.
• The first plug & play hands-free accessory system designed exclusively for Gun DIY enthusiasts.
• Works seamlessly with the Real Avid Master Gun Vise®, Master Gun Workstation™ or can be mounted directly to your workbench.
• Smart-Docks enable easy connection of accessories to your vise, workstation or workbench for improved working conditions.
• Quick-Connect Clamps offer configurable one-handed plug & play functionality to customize your workstation with the accessories you need.
• Essential 3-Pack of accessories includes a 180 lumen work light, 5-inch magnifying glass and cell phone holder for hands-free assistance.
• 180 lumen work light features rechargeable functionality with three selectable settings to illuminate dark and hard-to-see areas.
• 5-inch magnifying glass provides enhanced visibility for delicate tasks, allowing you to examine small components with precision.
• Cell phone holder offers a hands-free way to watch how-to videos, access reference materials or answer calls while working on your firearms.
• Elevate your Gun DIY® experience by upgrading your workbench with the Smart-Assist Quick-Connect System today.

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