Revolutionize Your Work With Cylindrical Objects: Smart-Jaws™ – Tube-Fit™ Sleeves for Master Gun Vise®

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Revolutionize Your Work With Cylindrical Objects: Smart-Jaws™ – Tube-Fit™ Sleeves for Master Gun Vise®

The Smart-Jaws – Tube-Fit Sleeves for Master Gun Vise are versatile and essential tools for anyone working with cylindrical objects, such as suppressors. They offer two different gripping surfaces to cater to the specific needs of your project.

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One side features a rubberized V-shaped surface that is non-marring and heat resistant, making it ideal for delicate items like suppressors or barrels. This soft jaw design ensures that you can apply ample gripping and torquing power without causing any damage to your investment.

If you’re dealing with tough materials where marring isn’t an issue (like cast-iron pipe or steel tubing), simply reverse the jaws to reveal a metal V-shaped surface. This provides an ultimate vise-like grip on these hardy round objects, expanding your capability to work effectively on pipes and tubes.

These sleeves are designed specifically for use with the Master Gun Vise. The Smart-Jaws – Tube-Fit Sleeves can hold up to 3.75″ diameters effectively, ensuring secure handling of various sizes of cylindrical objects.

Whether you’re working on suppressors, PVCs or any type of tubing material, these reversible Tube-Fit Sleeves provide reliable support in securing cylindrical objects firmly yet safely during maintenance or modification tasks.

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