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Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns®, expands its impressive line of firearm multi-tools with the new GUN TOOL AMP™ — a compact kit loaded in three platform-specific versions: AR15, Pistol, and 1911.

The new Gun Tool AMP brings a new level of innovation to the gun maintenance and Gun DIY® segment. Unlike any other multi-tools on the market, the Gun Tool AMP boasts a signature dual-function carry holster that not only holds a bit set and a folding frame multi-tool, it also transforms into a sturdy, magnetic bit driver. The innovative holster replaces the need for a sheath and adds an entirely new level of capability without adding unnecessary bulk.


Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer, said, “We invented the category of gun multi-tools and the new Gun Tool AMP is an exciting next step in the evolution of our line. It is without a doubt the most innovative gun multi-tool we’ve ever designed. It’s technical, very stylized, rugged, and designed to carry wherever your gun goes. It’s a serious tool to solve or ideally prevent ‘Oh no!’ moments. We talk a lot about how we can help gun owners keep their guns ready and able. That’s the whole mission for Gun Tool AMP.”


The tool frame is designed and built for hard use and each version is loaded with liner-locking tools specific to the three gun platforms they serve. Thanks to some out-of-the-holster thinking, AMP redefines what a carry tool for gun owners can be.


“Like all gun tools from Real Avid,” said Real Avid President Dave Steiner, “Gun Tool AMP is specialized. There are three versions of Gun Tool AMP – 1911, Pistol, and AR15. We understand these platforms really well and know that millions of gun owners rely on these guns for protection and sport. Our retail partners really benefit from our originality and focus. They know that their customers are in their stores looking for products specialized to their guns and the way that they shoot.”

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