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Bore-Max™ Bore Foam is a powerful gun-metal grade foaming solvent that expands and penetrates to rapidly dissolve copper and soften powder fouling. Formulated to safely and effectively remove copper fouling in lands and grooves without harsh smelling chemicals. The unique foaming agent in Bore-Max quickly expands within the bore and delivers the chemicals evenly throughout. 

What’s really going on in there?

Within the bore, carbon and copper fouling build-up in layers over time and cumulatively can have a significant impact on a firearms performance. The carbon build-up essentially insulates the copper fouling from the outside in. Carbon layers need to be removed mechanically with a bore brush in order to fully expose copper layers. Copper must be chemically dissolved in order to remove it from the bore. “Copper and carbon build up in the bore more than people realize. This build-up of fouling has a significant effect on the accuracy and consistency of the gun,” remarked Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer.  “Both copper and carbon fouling can be difficult to remove using traditional, less effective chemicals. Depending upon on the severity of fouling, the cleaning process may need to be repeated multiple times to work through all of the layers. The formulation in Bore-Max works harder on each soak and decreases the number of times the process needs to be repeated to get the job done.” 


How to use Bore-Max Bore Foam:

It is best to first run a bore brush through the bore to scrub and loosen the outer surface of carbon build-up so the copper can be exposed. Although it will soften, carbon fouling does not dissolve effectively in copper solvent. If the copper build-up in the barrel is completely coated with baked-on carbon, the solvent will never penetrate enough to do its job. A bore brush is still the most effective way to physically remove carbon build-up in the bore and expose the copper for removal. After brushing the bore: 

  1. Spray Bore-Max into the barrel from the action with the muzzle in a slightly lowered position to prevent cleaning residue from flowing back into the receiver.
  2. Wait 10-15 minutes, and then use a cleaning rod, jag, and patch to remove all foam and fouling from the barrel. The foam will turn blue to indicate dissolved copper and black to indicate carbon removal.
  3. For heavy copper build-up, repeat the process until there is no more indication of fouling on the patch (blue or black residue), or in the bore.  

Why Real Avid created Bore-Max Bore Foam:

To Clean Bores Faster. “I do not enjoy cleaning guns. I know that seems counter-intuitive for a co-owner in a company that specializes in gun cleaning, but that truth is what drives us to continually look for ways to make the job easier and faster, ultimately providing a better experience,” commented Tripp.  “Traditional bore cleaning can be very tedious with lots of repetitive steps. Using small patches to apply liquid bore solvent is really inefficient. This approach does not effectively apply enough solvent to coat throughout the bore to do the job. Further, copper fouling builds up more densely down the barrel toward the muzzle than close to the chamber. A wet patch leaves more solvent in the chamber end of the bore and less at the muzzle end where you need it most and will not fully apply solvent into all of the lands and grooves. That’s where Bore-Max Foam shines. This rapidly expanding foam fills the lands and grooves from chamber to muzzle and fully coats all of the surfaces inside the bore.”

There are a number of older bore cleaning chemicals on the market. Some use a weakened formula that cannot remove significant amounts of fouling. Using a bore solvent that doesn’t aggressively dissolve copper is a frustrating waste of time. A bore solvent that is chemically formulated to effectively and safely attack copper build-up makes the job go faster. “We completed countless formulations before we arrived at the ideal compound that aggressively dissolves copper but is also safe for the bore,” Tripp said. “From the very first application, we wanted to ensure we were dissolving every bit of exposed copper in the bore to deliver maximum results on each soak. BORE-MAX accomplishes that objective in spades.”

Other bore solvents use a more aggressive formula that contain harsh chemicals and require room ventilation and careful application in order to safely use on a gun. Real Avid removed the unpleasant and often overwhelming smell that traditional solvents give off. “I hate the smell of old school bore solvent, especially in a confined space,” Tripp commented. “As we were developing this formulation, one of the pass/fail criteria was no harsh chemical odor. While Bore-Max is the most powerful and fast acting copper solvent we could make, it does not contain any harsh smelling chemicals.”

High Performance Gun Cleaning

Complete bore cleaning is a real chore and can take a lot of time and effort to effectively remove all of the fouling. Knowing that each cleaning element (chemicals, brushes, jags and patches) are working as effectively as possible to maximize that effort is essential. “Our goal is to be the number one cleaning company in the world by equipping gun owners with the most effective and easiest to use cleaning chemicals, kits and tools,” Tripp commented. “We stepped back and took a holistic approach to the entire process of gun cleaning. Without spilling all the beans, you will see some other exciting new Real Avid products emerging in the near future that we developed in tandem with our chemical line that will drastically change the way people clean and care for their guns.” 

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