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Got that standard A2 style AR15 and wondering what to do next? I’ve run into countless friends over the years who want to do their own modifications and additions, but don’t know where to begin. A big one is wanting to remove or replace their A2 style front sight with “something” else. The majority of the time the reason is to make it compatible with optics they have mounted (or want to mount), where they don’t want the obstruction of the A2 sight in their scope window. I once had a friend that was planning to cut it off with a Dremel®! Please, don’t do that… 

Not everyone knows or understands that the A2 front sight is also the functioning gas block used to cycle their gun. A modification like this frequently requires not only removing the front sight but also changing the handguard, barrel nut, gas block and gas tube as well. It may sound like a lot, but with the right Gun Tools, parts and a little instruction this is a task someone can confidently do at home. 

Step-by-step instructions to do the job right.

Enter Real Avid’s Top AR15 Mods book for Gun DIY®. We have identified the most popular modifications that AR15 owners do, (or want to do) to their guns and then compiled a step-by-step instruction manual to successfully guide them through those modifications. 


Also included in the book are some really informative and fun-to-read sections on the history of the gun, along with some great explanations and insights into nuances within the platform. Each of the 18 modification sections has a list of the tools, supplies and guidance you’ll need to accomplish every task.


If taking your standard AR15 from generic to “just for you” has been on your to-do-list, this is a great resource to empower you to confidently get it done. No Dremel required…  

Click here to get your own copy of TOP AR15 MODS!  

*Dremel® is a registered trademark of ROBERT BOSCH TOOL CORPORATION. 

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