Essential Handgun Tool for Every Shooter

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Essential Handgun Tool for Every Shooter

The Pistol Tool™ – the ultimate solution for handgun owners seeking a comprehensive tool kit that fits conveniently in a mag pouch. This 19-in-1 gun multi-tool is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of shooters, offering a wide range of functionalities that include mounting accessories, field disassembly, adjusting laser sights and changing side grips, among others. With its easy one-hand access, The Pistol Tool ensures that every shooter has the necessary tools to service and adjust their preferred handgun with utmost precision.

One of the key advantages of The Pistol Tool is its compact size, allowing it to conveniently fit into a pistol mag pouch. This ensures that it is readily accessible whenever and wherever it is needed. The tool features four Bondhus Protanium® hex keys that are perfect for adjusting laser sights, as well as six hex bits with ball detents that securely store in the frame. These bits cover a range of sizes, including #2 Phillips®, #1 Phillips, 3/16″ Flat, 1/8″ Flat, 3/32″ Hex and T15 Torx®, ensuring compatibility with various handgun platforms.

The Real Avid Pistol Tool stands out as the first multi-tool designed to work on all striker-fired pistols, 1911s and revolvers. It boasts a compact profile that houses 19 precision tools, including non-marring bushing wrenches for both 1911 government and officer models. The tool’s versatility extends further with a detachable pin punch that facilitates easy takedown, coupled with a tap hammer for stubborn pins.

The Pistol Tool also incorporates an 8-32 threaded receiver that pivots from the handle, accepting standard gun cleaning elements such as rods and brushes. Its non-hardened stainless steel pick and scraper combination effectively cleans residue from slide rails and other hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the tool features a rugged three-inch titanium-coated Tanto-style knife and a fine-tooth metal file, along with an impressive array of other tools, all compact enough to fit in your mag pouch.

With The Pistol Tool, your trigger finger will be happy, as it enables you to maintain, customize, repair and adjust your pistols and revolvers with ease. Its versatility and compact design make it an essential tool for any handgun owner. Whether you need to disassemble guns, mount and adjust laser sights, scrape carbon from rails, or perform any other handgun-related task, The Pistol Tool has got you covered.

The Pistol Tool specifically caters to popular handgun platforms, ensuring that it meets the needs of a wide range of gun owners. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to handle, while the high-quality titanium coating increases its hardness and resistance to rust.

If you’re looking for a tool that can handle various tasks at the range or in the field, The Pistol Tool is the ideal choice. Its 19-in-1 functionality allows you to breakdown, tweak, accessorize and adjust your favorite handgun with ease, regardless of your location. The tool incorporates Allen wrenches for adjusting laser sights, which are conveniently stored on the tool for easy access. The quality gunsmithing bits securely lock into the tool, preventing stripping and ensuring precise adjustments.

When it comes to breakdown and cleaning, The Pistol Tool excels. It features a 1911 government and officer bushing wrench, as well as a 3/32″ pin punch that is interchangeable with 8-32 threaded cleaning tools. Additionally, the tool includes a non-hardened stainless steel pick/scraper for removing carbon residue.

The functionality of The Pistol Tool extends beyond cleaning and maintenance. It allows you to install custom accessories, mount laser, light, or red-dot sights and perform fine adjustments on lasers and sights. You can also utilize it to zero your red-dot and adjustable sights, ensuring your aiming solutions are spot on.

Furthermore, The Pistol Tool serves as your go-to solution for fixing and modifying your gear. Whether you need to perform repairs, modifications, or tweaks on your range accessories and carry gear, this tool has you covered. Additionally, its small cutting blade comes in handy for cutting boxes and accessing supplies, eliminating the struggle with packing tape.

The Pistol Tool‘s unique design ensures quick and easy access to each implement, with one-hand operation in mind. The implements lock in place using a liner lock system, providing stability and safety during use. It is important to note that only one implement should be opened at a time, and the liner lock must be disengaged before closing an implement.

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, it is recommended to follow specific guidelines for each implement. The pin punch, for example, should be checked for proper fitment before applying pressure, while the pick/scraper requires caution to avoid damaging your firearm. The 1911 barrel bushing wrenches are designed to fit both Government and Officer model 1911 firearms, with the muzzle face pressed flat against the surface of the wrench.

The bit driver and metal file, featuring a hardened construction, offer durability and strength. The bits themselves are black oxide coated for protection and utilize ball detents for a secure fit. The Pistol Tool also includes four Bondhus Protanium hex keys, known for their strength and accuracy.

The Pistol Tool goes beyond expectations with its 3-inch Tanto blade, designed for high-performance cutting. This blade is not only great for daily use but also comes in handy for tasks such as opening ammunition boxes, cutting rope and trimming cleaning patches. The blade’s gray titanium coating enhances its rust resistance and hardness.

The Pistol Tool is the ultimate multi-tool for handgun owners, offering an impressive array of functionalities in a compact and convenient design. Its versatility, precision and durability make it an essential addition to any handgunner’s range bag, EDC pack or workbench. Whether you need to maintain, customize, repair or adjust your handguns and 1911 pistols, The Pistol Tool has everything you need to keep your firearms firing reliably and accurately.

Real Avid® has redefined gun tools by delivering Master Grade® innovation, quality and durability relied upon by GUN DIYers, professional armorers and gunsmiths. Our passion and relentless pursuit of innovation enabled us to set the bar high and achieve a brand leadership position in the world of gun tools and gun cleaning. From Master Grade Tools to High-Performance Gun Cleaning™ products to the world’s leading line of Gun Multi-Tools, every Real Avid product raises the bar and redefines a new standard for real-world performance.

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