The Ultimate Multi-Tool for Gun Owners

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The Ultimate Multi-Tool for Gun Owners

The Gun Tool Max®, the ultimate multi-tool for gun owners that sets a new standard in functionality and versatility. This 37-in-1 universal tactical gun multi-tool is designed to keep your gun ready for action at all times. Whether you’re a hunter, shooter or firearm enthusiast, this tool is packed with precision-made, gun-specific tools that will make repairs, customizations and maintenance tasks a breeze.

Let’s take a closer look at the impressive features of the Gun Tool Max. First and foremost, it boasts a combination needle-nose pliers with a carbide cutter, allowing you to handle various tasks with ease. The pliers are designed to provide a firm grip, ensuring optimal control during delicate operations as well as more demanding tasks. The carbide cutter is specifically engineered to cut through copper wire of different gauges, making it a versatile addition to your arsenal.

The Gun Tool Max is equipped with a universal choke wrench that fits .410, 28, 20, 16, 12 and 10   gauge shotguns. This means you can quickly change chokes to optimize your shooting performance. Additionally, it features a scope windage and elevation adjuster, enabling you to make precise adjustments to your scope for accurate aiming.

Allen® wrenches are also included in the Gun Tool Max to tackle various needs. With 4mm, 5mm, 1/4″ and 3/8″ wrenches, you can tighten or loosen screws and bolts on your firearms and accessories. The oversized flathead screwdriver provides additional versatility, perfect for handling larger flathead screws.

The Gun Tool Max is not limited to just pliers and Allen wrenches – it goes above and beyond with its extensive range of functions. It features a tap hammer on the reverse side, allowing you to perform light tapping and adjustment tasks. The 3-position locking bit driver is a game-changer, providing flexibility by locking open at 90° and 180° angles for comfortable and efficient use in tight spaces.

Furthermore, this multi-tool includes a detachable cleaning pick for removing debris and gunk from your gun’s action. It also boasts a 3.25″ 440 stainless steel drop point blade for various cutting needs, a flat carbon scraper and a round carbon scraper to keep your firearm clean and functioning smoothly.

This tool is equipped with a bottle opener, making it a handy companion for outdoor adventures. It even features a 3/32″ detachable pin punch for quick disassembly and maintenance tasks. The 8-32 threaded post fits standard gun cleaning rods, cables, brushes and other implements, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Crafted with a high-strength stainless steel frame, the Gun Tool Max guarantees durability and longevity. Its G10 non-slip grip plates provide a secure and comfortable hold, even in wet or sweaty conditions. This ensures that you can rely on the tool’s performance, regardless of the environment you find yourself in.

The Gun Tool Max comes with a MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath that further enhances its usability and portability. The sheath features two lashing grommets, a drainage grommet and can be conveniently attached to your belt. Inside the sheath, you’ll find 5 double-sided additional bits, including Torx®, Phillips®, flat and Allen bits, providing you with even more versatility and functionality.

Designed specifically for popular rifle and shotgun platforms, the Gun Tool Max is a true all-in-one solution for gun owners. Its 37-in-1 functionality covers a wide range of tasks, ensuring that you have the right tool for any situation.

Real Avid® has redefined gun tools by delivering Master Grade® innovation, quality and durability relied upon by GUN DIYers, professional armorers and gunsmiths. Our passion and relentless pursuit of innovation enabled us to set the bar high and achieve a brand leadership position in the world of gun tools and gun cleaning. From Master Grade Tools to High-Performance Gun Cleaning™ products to the world’s leading line of Gun Multi-Tools, every Real Avid product raises the bar and redefines a new standard for real-world performance.

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