Gun-Max® Gun Oil – 12 oz Aerosol: Extreme Corrosion Protection & Lubrication

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Gun-Max® Gun Oil – 12 oz Aerosol: Extreme Corrosion Protection & Lubrication

When it comes to protecting, lubricating and cleaning modern guns, Gun-Max Gun Oil is the ultimate solution. This advanced gun-metal grade formula sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring that your firearms stay in optimal condition for longer periods. With powerful inhibitors that displace moisture, Gun-Max Gun Oil provides extended corrosion protection that keeps your guns safe even in harsh operating environments.

What sets Gun-Max Gun Oil apart from the competition? Its exceptional features:

  • Advanced Anti-Corrosion Properties: Moisture is the enemy of guns, as it leads to corrosive reactions and rust. Gun-Max Gun Oil’s potent inhibitors work tirelessly to displace moisture and create a moisture-resistant protective barrier on metal surfaces. This delivers superior corrosion protection, preventing rust from damaging your valuable firearms.
  • Extended Lubrication: Moving parts in guns require proper lubrication to minimize friction and wear. Gun-Max Gun Oil excels in this aspect, thanks to its advanced anti-friction additives that bond to metal surfaces. This ensures longer-lasting lubrication of moving parts, allowing your guns to operate smoothly and reliably.
  • Ideal for High Cycle Rates: If you own semi-automatic guns with high cycle rates, Gun-Max Gun Oil is the perfect choice. Its formulation maximizes the performance of these firearms, ensuring they function flawlessly even under intense use.
  • Exceptional Performance in Sub-Zero Temperatures: Don’t let extreme cold weather hinder your firearm’s performance. Gun-Max Gun Oil is specifically formulated to excel in sub-zero temperatures. It remains fluid even at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, providing reliable lubrication and preventing your guns from freezing or experiencing malfunctions.

The convenience of Gun-Max Gun Oil doesn’t stop at its exceptional formulation. The innovative two-position nozzle straw takes the application process to the next level. With an industry-first flip-up nozzle, you can choose between pin-point application or a wider spray. Plus, the straw conveniently stores when not in use, eliminating the hassle of lost or misplaced parts.

But Gun-Max Gun Oil doesn’t stop at corrosion protection and lubrication. It offers an all-in-one solution that can be utilized for gun cleaning, ensuring your firearms stay in top condition. When used together with Bore-Max® Bore Foam – 12 oz Aerosol and Foul-Out® Gunk Blaster – 12 oz Aerosol, Gun-Max Gun Oil completes the trio of specialized gun cleaning chemical solutions developed by Real Avid.

Gun-Max Gun Oil is the ultimate choice for gun owners who prioritize safety, reliability and performance. Whether you store your firearms in a gun safe, carry them daily, or engage in shooting competitions or hunting, regular care and maintenance are essential.

Why settle for quick, all-in-one solutions that fail to excel in specific areas? Gun-Max Gun Oil is purposefully developed to provide the highest level of protection and lubrication for your firearms. Its unique formulation targets the critical factors that gun owners care about: corrosion resistance, long-lasting lubrication and performance in extreme temperatures.

Real Avid, the leader in DIY for Guns®, has invested years of research and development into creating this superior firearm lubricant, surpassing the competition in every important benchmark. Gun-Max Gun Oil’s proprietary formulation offers unmatched corrosion resistance, long-lasting lubrication under friction, and low-temperature viscosity.

Extensive testing in harsh and corrosive salt-spray chambers proved Gun-Max Gun Oil’s superiority over other leading gun oils and CLP’s. It delivers extended corrosion protection by displacing moisture effectively, ensuring your firearms stay in pristine condition.

Real Avid® has redefined gun tools by delivering Master Grade® innovation, quality and durability relied upon by GUN DIYers, professional armorers and gunsmiths. Our passion and relentless pursuit of innovation enabled us to set the bar high and achieve a brand leadership position in the world of gun tools and gun cleaning. From Master Grade Tools to High-Performance Gun Cleaning™ products to the world’s leading line of Gun Multi-Tools, every Real Avid product raises the bar and redefines a new standard for real-world performance.

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