The Master Gun Workstation™: Revolutionizing Gun Maintenance

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The Master Gun Workstation™: Revolutionizing Gun Maintenance

The Master Gun Workstation™ is a groundbreaking and versatile Workstation for firearms maintenance, repair, customization and optics mounting. It is the first-ever true gun Workstation and represents a significant upgrade from traditional one-size-fits-all vise systems. With its adjustable and modular design, it offers an easy way to firmly secure any long gun for cleaning, mounting scopes and performing gunsmithing work. The Workstation incorporates several innovative features such as the Quick-Adjust Shuttle, one-hand operation, Gun Gripper™ technology, Leveling Knob and built-in storage.

The Quick-Adjust Shuttle enables height and width adjustment for precise location of the yoke, offering up to 18.3″ travel for optimal stability. The Trigger Clamp is equipped with form-fitting foam pads that quickly engage and disengage, securing the firearm for maximum protection. The Accu-Level™ knob located on the Trigger Clamp offers six degrees of tilting micro-adjustments for leveling firearms when installing optics.

The Workstation also features Gun Gripper technology, which provides form-fitting retention for a tight grip on gun barrels. The new Gun Gripper technology incorporated into the yoke wraps around different contoured barrels and handguards for easy one-handed securement. The non-marring form-fitting rubber pads prevent damage to the firearm’s finish.

Additionally, the Master Gun Workstation includes built-in storage, allowing for the storage of frequently used items. The Workstation also includes workplace organization, making it easy to keep parts, tools and chemicals in one place. The Workstation is Smart-Assist™ compatible, enabling hands-free accessory systems for work assistance.

The Master Gun Workstation is perfect for rifles and shotguns of all sizes and shapes. The adjustable fit provides a customizable experience for users, ensuring a secure and stable workpiece. The Workstation is height-adjustable, non-slip and can be clamped to a bench or bolted down for a long-term solution.

The Master Gun Workstation is the most advanced and comprehensive firearm Workstation available. Its innovative design, Gun Gripper technology, Quick-Adjust Shuttle and Leveling Knob, coupled with built-in storage and Smart-Assist™ compatibility make it an indispensable tool for any gun enthusiast. Whether you are a professional gunsmith or a DIY gun owner, the Master Gun Workstation is the perfect tool to revolutionize how you clean, repair, customize and mount your firearm.

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