Clean your AR15 chamber with ease

Clean your AR15 chamber with ease

The AR15 is one of the most popular rifles in the world, known for its versatility, accuracy and dependability. However, cleaning the chamber and barrel extension can be a daunting task due to the hard-to-reach star chamber. Fortunately, the Real Avid Chamber Boss® – AR15 is here to make your cleaning experience fast, easy and effective.

This all-in-one chamber cleaning kit is designed to eliminate baked-on carbon from the AR15 chamber with minimal effort. The Scraper, Chamber Brush and Cleaning Pads attach securely to the end of the ergonomic handle, ensuring that you have every tool you need at your fingertips. The durable black oxide-coated steel shaft is integrated into the handle, making it easy to use.

The handle self-centers inside the upper to perfectly align with the barrel extension lugs, allowing you to easily spin the handle while making precise contact with all surfaces inside the chamber. The Scraper is precisely designed to fit the barrel extension and internal chamber, making it easy to loosen even the thickest carbon fouling.

Once the carbon is loosened, the AR15 Chamber Brush can clean the carbon out of the corners. The 5 wool Star Chamber Cleaning Pads, soaked in cleaning solution, extract the loose carbon. The Pivot Lock, included in the kit, securely holds your firearm open while cleaning, ensuring that you have the perfect angle to clean without any obstruction.

All the cleaning implements store conveniently inside the handle, making it easy to store and transport. The threaded cap tightly seals the storage compartment, ensuring the contents remain free of debris.

The Real Avid Chamber Boss – AR15 is a must-have for any gun enthusiast. It makes chamber cleaning easier, fast and effective. It is designed to work flawlessly with the AR15, ensuring that you get the best possible performance from your firearm.

Real Avid is the leader in DIY for Guns®. We are committed to inventing superior problem-solving products that improve the experience of building, customizing, maintaining and cleaning guns. The Chamber Boss – AR15 is just one example of our commitment to providing gun enthusiasts with the best possible solutions.

The Real Avid Chamber Boss – AR15 is an all-in-one chamber cleaning kit that makes cleaning the hard-to-reach star chamber fast, easy and effective. With the Scraper, Chamber Brush, Cleaning Pads and Pivot Lock, you have every tool you need to ensure that your firearm is clean and well-maintained. The handle stores all cleaning implements inside, making it easy to store and transport. Choose the Chamber Boss – AR15 for hassle-free cleaning of your AR15.

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