Using a Tripod and Laser Bore Sighter to Quickly Find Zero at the Range

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Using a Tripod and Laser Bore Sighter to Quickly Find Zero at the Range

Achieving the perfect zero for your rifle at the range is a crucial step toward precision shooting. It ensures that your shots hit the intended target, enhancing your accuracy and overall shooting experience. Today, we’ll introduce you to an efficient method that combines the use of a tripod and a laser bore sighter, which will enable you to swiftly find zero and maintain it consistently. This technique offers several advantages that will undoubtedly elevate your shooting game.

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First and foremost, utilizing a tripod provides unparalleled stability for your rifle. Stability is essential when it comes to zeroing, as even the slightest movement can significantly impact your results. By firmly securing your rifle on a tripod, you create a solid foundation, ensuring minimal interference and maximizing accuracy.

One of the standout features of this approach is the ability to set up your rifle and leave it undisturbed. Once you have your firearm perfectly aligned with your target using the laser bore sighter, you can confidently step away, knowing that your rifle will remain in position. This eliminates the need to constantly readjust and readjust again, saving you precious time and minimizing frustration.

As you peer through your optic, you’ll notice the distinct green dot emanating from your Viz-Max Bore Sighter®. This laser bore sighter allows you to precisely align your optic to the desired point of impact. By adjusting the optic to coincide with the Viz-Max, you establish an initial starting point for your zeroing process. This step provides a solid foundation for subsequent adjustments, ensuring your rifle is on target.

Once your optic is dialed in, it’s time to remove the Viz-Max and proceed with the zeroing process. With a shot fired, you’ll likely find yourself on paper at this point. However, to fine-tune your zero and achieve optimal results, it is recommended to move the target to a distance of 50 yards. This adjustment allows for a more comprehensive assessment of your rifle’s accuracy and ensures your zero is tailored to your shooting preferences.

Following the same process as before, sans the Viz-Max, you can fine-tune your zero at 50 yards. By making precise adjustments based on your point of impact, you can dial in your rifle for optimal performance. Remember, consistency is key during this process, so make sure to maintain proper shooting technique and take accurate shots.

By combining the stability of a tripod with the precision of a laser bore sighter, you have a winning formula for quickly finding and maintaining zero at the range. This method eliminates unnecessary adjustments and streamlines the zeroing process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—honing your shooting skills and achieving remarkable accuracy.

When it comes to zeroing your rifle, employing a tripod and a laser bore sighter is a game-changer. The stability provided by the tripod and the precise alignment facilitated by the laser bore sighter enable you to swiftly and accurately find zero. By following the outlined steps, you can optimize your rifle’s performance and embark on a journey towards unparalleled shooting proficiency. So, the next time you head to the range, remember to bring along your tripod and laser bore sighter, and prepare to witness the remarkable difference in your zeroing experience.

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