Sight Pusher for Glock*



The Sight Pusher for Glock models is a tool for gun enthusiasts and professionals alike who require an efficient, safe, and precise method to change press-fit sights on their Glock pistols. Engineered to accommodate both factory and aftermarket sights, this tool is designed with an over-sized Easy Torque Handle™, providing the leverage needed to apply maximum force with minimal effort, ensuring a seamless sight changing experience. The unique press block is crafted with multiple contact surfaces to fit all Glock sight configurations, applying force directly to the dovetail for an optimized installation or removal process. Its slide locking base is universally compatible, designed to secure subcompact, compact, standard and competition Glock slides firmly in place, making it a versatile addition to any armorer’s toolkit.

The inclusion of a 2-In-1 Tool™ for Glock further enhances its functionality, incorporating a 3/16″ nut driver and a 3mm armorer’s pin punch for comprehensive disassembly and maintenance, all stored within the handle for convenience and portability. From the DIY enthusiast to the professional armorer, this sight pusher simplifies the process of sight changing, enabling users to perform modifications with confidence and precision. Embrace the innovation of the Sight Pusher for Glock for a hassle-free, accurate sight alignment and installation on your Glock pistol.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel (Metallic), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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  • The Sight Pusher for Glock* offers precision and ease for modifying, installing or replacing press-fit sights on any Glock model. This tool stands out due to its robust construction, designed to endure use while ensuring protection for both the firearm’s slide and the sights. It is expertly engineered to accommodate all Glock models, including subcompact, compact, standard and competition slides, making it a versatile choice for a wide array of users from gun enthusiasts to professional armorers.

    At the core of its design is the oversized, ergonomic Easy Torque Handle™, which is specifically tailored to maximize leverage and minimize effort, ensuring smooth and efficient sight changes. This feature, coupled with extra-fine drive threads, allows for precise control over the application of force, facilitating the removal and installation of sights without risking damage to the slide or the sights themselves. The Easy Torque Handle also ingeniously houses a 2-In-1 Tool™ for Glock, which includes a 3/16″ nut driver for front sight changes and a 3mm armorer’s pin punch for disassembly and maintenance, emphasizing the tool’s multifunctional capabilities and convenience.

    Another significant aspect of this tool is the specially designed press block, which features multiple contact surfaces to firmly grip and support various sight profiles. This adaptability ensures a perfect fit and applies force evenly across the dovetail, enhancing the precision of sight adjustments. The slide locking base further complements this by offering a stable platform that securely holds the Glock slide in the optimal position for sight changes, accommodating a range of slide sizes without the need for additional adjustments.

    The Sight Pusher for Glock is more than just a tool; it represents a solution for Glock sight changes. Its thoughtful design, from the integrated 2-In-1 maintenance tool to the precision-engineered press block and slide locking mechanism, reflects a deep understanding of the needs of Glock owners. This tool not only simplifies the process of changing sights but also empowers users to maintain and customize their firearms with confidence, precision and safety.
    The Sight Pusher for Glock is as an essential addition to the toolkit of any Glock owner. Innovation, versatility and reliability ensure that changing, installing or adjusting Glock sights is a hassle-free and accurate process. With this tool, users can achieve professional-grade results, whether at home or in a professional setting, reinforcing its status as the ultimate solution for Glock sight modifications.

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

• Professional-grade construction for durability and reliability.
• Ergonomic Easy Torque Handle™ ensures minimal effort for maximum force application.
• Compatible with all Glock models, including subcompact, compact, standard and competition slides.
• Integrated 2-In-1 Tool™ for Glock* featuring a 3/16″ nut driver and a 3mm armorer’s pin punch.
• Extra-fine drive threads for precise control and smooth operation.
• Specially designed press block with multiple contact surfaces for universal sight compatibility.
• Secure slide locking base to accommodate various slide sizes without additional adjustments.
• Simplifies the process of changing, installing or adjusting press-fit Glock sights.
• Enables safe and accurate sight changes without damaging the slide or sights.
• Essential tool for DIY enthusiasts, professional armorers and gunsmiths for efficient Glock maintenance and customization.

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