Smart Mat® for Glock* Pistols

Smart Mat® for Glock* Pistols


Precision Cleaning Redefined

This next-generation cleaning mat transcends traditional cleaning methods with its integrated parts tray, offering a comprehensive system for safeguarding and organizing small components. The mat’s oil-resistant surface ensures a mess-free cleaning process, eliminating the worry of damaging household surfaces. The genius lies in its design; a 19″ X 16″ mat equipped with a magnetic compartment to secure tiny screws and pins, alongside a parts keeper for loose pins, bolts and springs. Constructed with durability in mind, the Smart Mat not only protects work surfaces but also provides a shock-absorbing layer that grips the table, ensuring stability during use. This mat is a must have for gun enthusiasts who value cleanliness in their firearm maintenance routine.

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Upgrade to Master Grade®

  • Upgrade your gun cleaning experience with the Smart Mat® for Glock* Pistols, an essential tool designed to transform the way you maintain your firearm. At the heart of this innovative mat lies its integrated parts tray, a feature that embodies practicality and foresight. This clever addition is not just a tray; it’s a commitment to ensuring that every pin, spring and small component is accounted for, eliminating the frustration of misplaced parts during cleaning sessions.

    Constructed with a keen understanding of a firearm enthusiast’s needs, the Smart Mat boasts an oil-resistant surface, ensuring that maintenance tasks leave no residue behind on your workspace. Whether it’s a kitchen table or a dedicated workbench, this mat provides a protective layer that shields surfaces from the mess typically associated with gun cleaning. The oil resistance is not just functional; it represents a dedication to preserving the cleanliness and integrity of both your firearm and your cleaning environment.

    The mat’s dimensions, 19″ X 16″, accommodate a field-stripped Glock, providing ample space for a thorough clean without overcrowding. The inclusion of a magnetic compartment is a testament to the mat’s thoughtful design, securing small screws and pins in place, thereby reducing the risk of loss. This feature exemplifies the mat’s role not just as a cleaning accessory but as a guardian of the small, often overlooked components critical to your firearm’s functionality.

    The Smart Mat for Glock Pistol’s shock-absorbing properties not only offer a stable platform for gun maintenance tasks but also contribute to the longevity of your firearm by providing a cushioned space that mitigates impact and wear during disassembly and cleaning. Coupled with its table-gripping capabilities, this mat ensures a secure, slip-free environment that enables focused, effective maintenance work.

    The Smart Mat for Glock Pistols is more than just a mat; it’s an innovative solution designed to enhance the gun maintenance experience.

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

• Integrated parts tray for secure organization of small components
• Oil-resistant surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Magnetic compartment specifically designed for tiny screws and pins
• 19″ X 16″ dimensions to accommodate a field-stripped Glock
• Protects work surfaces from oil, solvent and mechanical damage
• Parts keeper holds loose pins, bolts and springs
• Durable construction withstands the rigors of regular use
• Table-gripping feature prevents slippage during cleaning
• Shock-absorbing material protects both firearm and work surface
• Designed by firearm experts for optimal cleaning efficiency

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