Bore-Max® Speed Clean System™




An all-in-one upgrade system for faster and easier bore cleaning. System includes the Bore-Max Speed Brush with twice the bristle density of traditional brushes. The Speed Jag and Patch combination removes up to 4 times the carbon and copper than traditional jags and square patches. Clean Bores Faster! Includes 75 Speed Jag Patches.

WARNING! Speed Jag & Speed Jag Patches are precisely sized for ideal fitment. Only use Speed Jag Patches with Speed Jags and only use Speed Jags with Speed Jag Patches. Failure to do so can result in a seized jag within the bore.

SKU: AVBMSET GTIN: 813119013638



Twice the bristle density of standard brushes for maximum scrubbing power. Stiff, nickel plated phosphor bronze bristles reduce chemical breakdown in the bore and extend the life of the brush. To achieve maximum effectiveness, there needs to be an optimal balance between bristle density and bristle flexibility. The bristle configuration of the Bore-Max Speed Brush provides maximum scrubbing density while retaining enough flexibility to effectively reach down into the lands and grooves. The elongated Speed Jag features multiple compression rings along the entire length of the jag. Bore-Max Speed Jag and Patches are precisely sized to provide the optimal compression and contact to wipe the inner surface of the bore. Tight along the entire length, yet still relatively easy to push through. The Speed Jag and Patch system gets more patch material in the bore, eliminates bunching and maximizes the effectiveness of each pass-through. Speed Patches are a synthetic material that that has shown superior absorbency over cotton. This material is also more effective at picking up and trapping crud. One pass-through the bore of Speed Jag and Speed Jag Patch delivers the same results as pushing up to 4 or more traditional jags and square patches.

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