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The development goal for this product was simple. “We wanted to create the most effective and best performing gun oil on the market,” stated Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer. “As the leader in Gun DIY® we have been very intentional in doing all we can to be the best gun cleaning company in the world. From our tools and kits to this new chemical line, we always hold ourselves to the same high standard. In this case, a gun oil specifically developed for high cycle rate semi-auto firearms that also delivers significantly longer lasting lubrication over a wide temperature range and extreme corrosion protection to protect guns longer.” 

 “When we started testing and evaluating the leading competitive gun oils and CLP’s there was a broad spectrum in performance results, but one thing was obvious. None excelled at delivering on all three critical performance factors and several really underperformed on one or more of the individual factors,” stated Tripp. 

“It took us 2 years in the lab to develop an original proprietary formula that would deliver superior performance for all 3 criteria for the ultimate gun oil. We nailed it! Gun-Max consistently outperformed every benchmark we established for corrosion resistance, long lasting lubrication under friction, and low temperature viscosity. It’s why we named it Gun-Max,” Tripp continued.


Corrosion: Corrosion is the enemy of guns. When moisture bonds to unprotected gun metal surfaces it results in a corrosive reaction (aka: rust). Guns are constantly subjected to moisture from the environment, humidity, rain, snow and condensation. It’s disheartening to a gun owner to pull a gun from their safe and see surface rust on the barrel or action. In order to provide good corrosion protection, a gun oil needs to bond with the micro-porous metal surface and create a moisture-resistant protective barrier. Gun oil should be applied to the outside of the gun after every use to maintain a consistent and uniform barrier. “Surprisingly, many of the gun oils we tested failed very quickly when subjected to our corrosion testing. Further, in our conversations with gun owners, many expressed outright frustration that the gun oil they were using didn’t provide adequate protection,” stated Tripp.


The Gun-Max extreme protection formula has potent inhibitors that displace more moisture and deliver extended corrosion protection compared to other leading gun oils and CLP’s. Testing in a controlled, harsh, and corrosive salt-spray chamber, Gun-Max outperformed leading gun oils by a significant margin, providing longer-lasting corrosion protection. This superior performance also results in longer resistance to moisture and corrosion with stored guns. 

Friction: “Without proper lubrication, friction creates damaging wear on moving gun parts, and when gun oil breaks down it significantly impedes the performance and longevity of the firearm. This scenario is especially true with semi-automatic firearms,” Tripp commented. When compared to the other leading gun oils and CLP’s on the market, test results were very compelling. Using high-speed constant friction to determine failure rate, Gun-Max outperformed the test group leader by a 5X time multiplier. The advanced anti-friction additives in Gun-Max bond to metal surfaces and hold up better under friction to provide longer-lasting lubrication for moving metal parts. This makes Gun-Max the ideal lubricant for maximizing the performance of semi-automatic guns.   


Viscosity: Cold weather performance is a mandatory requirement for a premium gun oil. “If a gun oil doesn’t remain viscus under cold temperatures it won’t properly lubricate the moving parts of a gun. This will result in a number of gun failures including stuck firing pins and semi-auto actions that will not properly eject and load new rounds into the chamber. In our testing we had competitive gun oils turn solid at 20 degrees,” stated Tripp.   


“Anyone who has been on a late season pheasant or goose hunt in Minnesota knows how frustrating it is to not be able to take a second shot when their shotguns action won’t cycle properly. We did extensive testing in the field, including December hunts in northern Alberta. Time after time, guns lubricated with Gun-Max performed flawlessly in extreme cold,” commented Tripp.

Gun-Max is chemically formulated to remain fluid at -20 Degrees Fahrenheit and beyond, so it can function in less-than-ideal weather conditions or harsh operating environments. In comparison testing, no other gun oil or CLP even came close, as the vast majority of lubricants produced substandard viscosity at these low temperatures.       

Why Real Avid created Gun-Max Gun Oil – It’s all about giving gun owners the Best Tool For The Job. As the leader in Gun DIY, they set out to create a superior formulation that excels in all of the critical performance factors that a leading gun oil should. Motivated by a heavy dose of real-world frustration with existing gun oils and a real desire to improve all aspects of gun cleaning and maintenance, Real Avid spent 2 years in the lab and in the field to develop the final formula.

Why Gun Oil Performance is Important To Every Gun Owner – It’s all about firearm reliability and protection. Every gun owner wants their gun to function properly whenever they shoot and to protect their firearm and its long-term value from corrosion caused by moisture in the environment.

Hunters and sport shooters need a reliable lubricant that won’t thicken and turn to sludge when the weather turns arctic and provides lasting lubrication. Additionally, their guns are regularly subjected to moisture and must be protected from the degrading effects of corrosion.

Competitive shooters demand a consistent and reliable lubricant to ensure functional performance of their guns. Their guns must sustain high fire rates, endure heat build-up and mechanical stress and not go down mid-stage. 

Law enforcement officers have a life and death need for reliable and predictable performance of their firearms, every time their weapon is drawn. 

Home defense owners want assurance that a stored gun will operate as intended when they need it most. 

Collectors want the satisfaction and assurance in knowing that their collectables are protected and maintained when in storage and display. 


Spray & Stream: The devil is in the details, so even the dispersion method played an important factor in the development of Gun-Max. Never before seen in the gun oil space, the aerosol can is equipped with a flip-up two-position spray nozzle that folds down and stores with the can – no more lost straws! The two-position nozzle straw allows for a broad spray application in the down position or a precise stream application when deploying the straw.     

Gun-Max Gun Oil comes in 12oz aerosol and 4oz bottles. Find it at your favorite dealer or click HERE

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